Laptop help | Will this run Minecraft on far?

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  1. It probably might have a very little bit of lag than on normal due to it's graphic's card.
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  2. Alright, thanks :) 1GB memory GC, you sure?
  3. Man it will run minecraft well but on far well... think about th render distance normal if u dont wana have lag it has a i7 intel core but the 2.30Ghz is a little bit less than i expected
  4. Actually, I think it's upgraded to 3.8 or something like that where I'm buying from :) Thanks guys, anything else? Medium is also pretty good
  5. Yes. But there will be a drop in your fps. I don't think it will be sufficient enough to make the game lag to bad, but I could be wrong.
  6. Drop from what? :)
  7. Frames per Second.
  8. It'll run a normal residence fine - But you'll need to lower it to short for your shop - Due to the sheer amount of signs in the ara
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  9. Haha yes, but from which standard?

    I never seem to have sign lag trouble, I could use the sign fix mod too :)
  10. Anyone else have any information? Thanks Josh, Manglex, mini and Xandster! :)
  11. craptops. they like to run out of memory, the keyboards like to stop working, and they turn into complete crap after a year of use. ^.^ go desktop. lmfao. seriously. alien. yes. lights and pretty stuff, and awesome power. YEAH!
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  12. I'm not sure, I got something like the same but an ASUS, 2gb NVIDIA GEFORCE 610m, and i7. Windows 7 64bit, and I use normal render distance
  13. I have to move it around :p
    Hmm alright, thanks. Mine's not NVIDIA or 2gb
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  14. who said you can't carry around a dekstop? lmfao.
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  15. oh gawd, not acer >.< just shoot yourself now and save yourself the horrid slowness and crashing.
  16. 2 problems with the computer you just linked - First, it has windows 8 which does not and never will support Minecraft according to notch and the site also does not provide any information and sounds like a con website.
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  17. It will run with the distance on far. My game goes at 15 fps, and it runs smoothly. You wont even notice it.
  18. 15FPS is quite low and is very noticeable.