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  1. I need ALOT of lapis. Cone to 1254 on smp1 and go to geo-domes to find out why. Anyways, if anyone sells blue dye 3r or less or lapis blocks 27r or less, please let me know where. Donations are accepted too.
    Special thanks to CNKilla187, who donated 15+ blocks of lapis AND 4,000 r for the cause.
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  3. Check out 14010 on SMP7 for lapis. :)
  4. Not many will sell Lapis Blocks for 18r. 27r is basically a standard.
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  5. i have a stack of lapis blocks, i'll sell them to ya for 1.5k
  6. That is 2.6r per dye. If you need more I can sell you about 15 stacks
  7. I said 27r.
  8. Okay. Come to 1254.
  9. Tons of lapis at 10030, 3rd floor. They are priced fairly so its not cheap or expensive.
  10. Went to your res and no chest set up to buy lapis, if you still need that is.
  11. Sorry, I'm currently moving my shop, and I forgot to move it. Thank you for the notice.
    And yes, I do stil need it.
  12. Well, It has finally happened. I have finished my 1st geo-dome. Woohoo! Next, I'll be needing iron, so just a little notice. I will also need glowstone for the chandeliers inside my dome.
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