Landing an airplane at 300 MPH

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  1. So, this just happened...

    The game is War Thunder btw
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  2. It's 300 KM/h... And wow, the physics in that game :p
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  3. Oh dang yea, still pretty fast though. The physics are usually much better. This was realistic mode :p
  4. True, approx. 190 mile an hour (190 would be 304 km/h). Seemed really realistic... Yeah... xD
  5. This is realistic mode? I can't fathom what an unrealistic mode would be like then. Probably planes gliding around like hockey pucks.
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  6. Still pretty fun though
  7. Unrealistic mode is basically just an arcade mode :p
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  8. Thats what its called
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  9. Another pretty bad clip, in this one if you cant tell, I shoot down an airplane with my tank