Lakeside Relocation

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  1. I'm sure that those who read this may know of Lakeside, EMC's largest active outpost, located on smp7. However, that may change, and it may change soon.
    In January 2016 a player named kosterhaus and I ventured into the frontier, hoping to claim new land. We started the city of Lakeside, and I became mayor. For a while, our population stayed at around 10, with small houses surrounding a small lake. By the next month, the city of Lakeside had settled in, and dozens of people flowed forth from...wherever they were before. By March of 2016, Lakeside was governed by four individual players, each playing different roles. Since then, we have worked hard, and Lakeside has become a thriving metropolitan area. With four skyscrapers making a skyline for the city, Lakeside was perfect. However, the feeling of perfection would soon hault, when we requested to be established by senior staff. We were told that we were too close to Wild North, and that many small villages surrounded us. In an attempt to protect our city, we explored the villages, deeming them all abandoned. We then made these villages special wards of Lakeside, being protected and governed over the City Council. These small wards have not been hit as a griefing target, however downtown, and the wards around it have. Just last week, a player who's name shall remain anonymous to the public, destroyed the Ward of Tokyo; Lakeside's busiest area. Located within Tokyo, was downtown Lakeside, along with Historic Lakeside. We have repaired the city as best as we could, however recently we have decided that Lakeside will no longer be governed by us. Lakeside is too beautiful to get griefed every other day (it seems like it is), so we have decided to relocate. The grand city of Lakeside has been handed over to radio_girl; the new mayor. What she decides to do with the city after we leave is up to her. We have told many already, that if they don't wish to relocate to the new city, then they can stay in Lakeside, however things may change, such with a new player in charge. It pains me to leave my city, however it is in the best interest that I do. My council appears to still be considering the options, as word has not been given from 50% of the council (2 players).
    We hope that our new city, established officially, will become grander than Lakeside. We feel that this city will be much easier to run, as we will already have experience of running a city.
    Any players who wish to join our new city are welcome, and word will come when we find a spot to settle in.

    Thank you for being so good to Lakeside, the city will be missed by me dearly.
    Yours Truly,
    Former Mayor ChrisTheHylian of Lakeside.
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  2. thought LLO was the largest active outpost :p
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  3. It is..
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  4. It's still there, just not very "active" anymore.
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  5. well then Carthaga is the largest active outpost :)
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  6. Ok, I'll call it. How many dozens are part of Carthaga?
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  7. lol. I can't speak for any other outposts, but at its peak population in June, we had 81 players who have a home in Lakeside.
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  8. I feel relocation for lakeside is a good fresh new start :)
  9. i havent seen anyone in carthaga in a while....
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  10. 9.58333333333
    swing by sometime, we're on smp4 ;)
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  11. A good number for sure. But we both know that list contains many names that simply do not exist on EMC. ;)
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  12. Hi ChrisTheHylian hi everyone :) If you need any help with the establishing end of things just give me a shout when you've settled on a spot. Then I can have a quick scout round for you. Speak soon :)
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  13. It's a battle for the largest inactive outpost.
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  14. carolmoss rolls her eyes ......
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  15. God_of_Gods pretends he doesn't notice carolmoss rolling her eyes......
  16. carolmoss has now gone into hiding........
  17. It appears that no one who is in Lakeside is wanting to move, so we're trying to figure something out. Right now, TBird1128 is active as mayor as I weigh the options a bit more ;)
  18. There was this antigriefing update a few days ago...
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