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  1. So, although was not surprising to see this, it appears that even if marked by Staff as personal creations that some players have no respect for others in our community. Remember, griefing is punishable with permanent bans, if you are caught, it will happen without hesitation.

    Myself and Malicaii12 built this small outpost just outside of SMP9 as a way to allow players to remain close to spawn, fight mobs and utilize crafting table, furnace and double chest... It was quite intricate, with glass, sandstone walls and flooring, tiered roof and even a "patio" of sorts...

    Today I logged in to check out the current status of the building and this is what I found instead:

    Not being surprised by this does not make it acceptable. If found griefing, you will be punished. Just remember this when you don't take time to respect others, players and staff members alike.
  2. Thats exaclty what i think

    Why do you greif, peeolpe will only hate you more
  3. Your texture pack is very bright >.< and sorry to hear about your outpost
  4. ya my base got griefed
  5. it seems the best way to be "grief-proof" is to hide it, or make it butt-ugly!
  6. That's a really vivid texture pack you use, which one is it?
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  7. Or to build in your 60x60 residence in town ;D and give no one build flags
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  8. Yeah, I don't like it when people destroy others peoples work. that they can see, they worked hard to get the house/base etc. to look nice. :I
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  9. but if you never build in the wild, then you're missing out on a major element of the game, ie the survival
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  10. RetroNES - very nice Texture Pack. Has some neat features, including alternating light from GlowStone. :)
  11. Been there done that got the screenshots ;) im here to build and just talk with fellow players :)
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  12. I more and more get the feeling that the war against griefers has been lost. We tell them the'll get banned, they laugh and grief, knowing fully well that they just won't be caught. They might be wrong about that, but even if we banned 1 griefer per hour, there are enough of them (feeling safe!) that it doesn't matter for us.

    Isn't if funny? On a server where griefers will get perma-banned, people won't build anything in the wild because they know it will be griefed.

    While we're at rule-breaking: While mining on utopia I found a nice tunnel. One long straight line (2x1) and a 2x2x2 hollow cube at the end. While I can think of a couple of reasons to make something like that, I find those things much too often for it be be anything but a straight x-ray-dive for some diamonds...
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  13. how about log block? I think it would REALLY be worth the risk if we could get the best logging system (only for wild worlds, only a really dumb person would build in nether, besides nether wart farsms) That only logs some blocks, like chests, player made structures, chests, and nether wart maybe.
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  14. Why can't Justin add a block placement logger? Performance doesn't seem to be affecting big servers, maybe make an exception of town worlds to be logged? Since it is your obligation not to give anyone build permits. I think adding a block logger would decrease griefers.
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  15. We have discussed many options. Something will be done once we find something truly feasible and inline with our environment.
    It doesn't seem overbearing on "large" servers because they are not running an environment in the same way we are.
    It would tax our already maxed performance if we were to include such a thing at this point in time. It has to log and send/receive much more information than is comprehensible to most people.
    If it were just simply 20 players, a block logger would be very simple... We have slots for 600 players in addition to our overflow slots.... There is no feasible way for a block logger to perform its function properly without crashing our servers....
  16. Well we can setup different MySQL servers to try to compensate for the 600 people. Different MySQL for different servers.
  17. I am not the coder side of things... I would feel more comfortable if people addressed this with JustinGuy, Aikar and d1223m as they are more coding capable than I am. :)
    I am still in the circle into square hole stage of my understanding of coding on this platform/scale....
  18. If you'd like some help rebuilding, I'd be more then happy to hop on over. =)
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  19. No need, it was our experiment to see how long it would last... Soon after public launch, it was destroyed which is surprising in the fact we expected it not to make it to full launch. :)
  20. Ahhh, I see. That makes sense then. :p