Labyrinth Solution (yes, it's possible)

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I went with eviltoade's recommendation for this forum. Getting to the point; I had a Maze Race earlier, as a means to kill some time. So, on the spur of the moment, I threw some prizes into a chest (listed below) and opened the doors to my Labyrinth, to let people scramble for the treasure. During the race, some members voiced theirs concern that there may be no solution to the maze and implied that I was just griefing them. Unfortunately, these same members left the residence (some the game, entirely) before someone (Sweetpea490) managed to make it through to win. Anyhow, just to alleviate any further concerns, I've decided to release the solution to the maze. Below, you'll find an image of my residence (as seen from the live map), with the solution to the labyrinth overlapping it.

    Here's a list of the prizes that were in the chest, prior to Sweetpea490 winning and looting it:

    Night Vision potion, Swiftness potion, Water Breathing potion, Fire Resistance potion, Zombie Virus, Compass, Saddle, 2 Villager Eggs, 2 stacks Stone Bricks, 1 Block of Gold, 1 Block of Iron, Silk Touch Enchanted Book, a Power III-Unbreaking III-Infinity-Bow, 16 Ender Pearl, Clock, Cake, and a Stack of Cookies.

    And here's the solution to the labyrinth (located on my res, at SMP3):

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  2. Here's a suggestion - Make it 3-D rather than 2-D and put a more worthwhile prize at the end :)
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  3. A kid made it and won it was worth while for the one who made it to the end. So ZBSDKryten how far did you go before you gave up? After all it was free to enter!
  4. It was a race and it was fun, i am sure stagger77 put much time into building it and for that I extend a Thank you.
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  5. Aww, now come on here you guys. Both of you; for all I know the OP might not even like to be called a kid :p

    Seriously; with builds like these I always follow this strategy (no offense intended): "the reward might be hopeless, but lets focus on the gameplay instead". Honestly; if you want to make a small fortune then you shouldn't rely on player made events, those are (IMO!) only aimed at providing us guys (me included) with some fun.

    Take in the fun and count any optional extra's as just that. It's what I do and that usually works for me.

    So now its my turn to "attack" the OP :D

    I didn't even know you had build this, and now that I find out you also push the solution into my face? You monster, I'm only an innocent player! (joking! just re-using the message you may see when eggifying).

    Reward or no reward, I'll be checking this build out in a few moments. This looks like fun!
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  6. My Daughter is the one who made it to the end so I was correct with the Kid part lol. We where neck and neck and then I took a wrong turn lol.
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  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not sure that making it more difficult, by adding another layer of problem solving for them to complete, would've made their ordeal more pleasurable or alleviate their concerns of there being a solution to it. As I said, I made the decision to hold the race on the spur of the moment, out of boredom . The maze has actually been open for people to explore for about a month now. Couple this with the fact that this is a true labyrinth (meaning hugging every right, or every left, turn would ensure a person would complete it), having the chest hold to expensive of a prize would essentially be me having an expensive Item Drop Party.

    I'm also currently limited to a single res, so my area of construction is limited.
  8. Then I stand corrected :)

    All good. Sorry, it kinda looked as if you guys were "attacking" (not really but.. you get my drift) the OP. Totally got that wrong obviously.

    In the mean time: I just visited your res stagger and it's amazing. I like how you even used the void fog to your advantage here and make things even more difficult.

    really cool build!
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  9. Hi ShelLuser,

    Sorry I didn't get to talk to you in game. I didn't know you were there and went afk. Yes, I agree about the fun aspect of it. The amount I make in game isn't what I'm after, it's the enjoyment of it. I didn't take any money from people for the event. It was purely a "come and have fun trying to get this free stuff" sort of thing.

    Thanks :)
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