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  1. So i've been working on this music collection for almost a year now. There aren't many tracks in it for a reason. I was using KrimZon as a learning experience, and rather than producing songs simply to add them to an album, I was taking as much time as I needed to perfect each track so they sounded the way I wanted them to. I used to make music a lot in the years past, but the problem was that I was aiming for quantity rather than quality. This time, I aimed for nothing but quality and got the results I wanted. Because of this, this isn't an album, but rather an EP (Extended Play). This means that the total length of music being played is longer than a single song, but shorter than an album.

    Overall, I hope you enjoy this random mix of free electronic tracks that I produced.
    If you want to download all the tracks in a zip file, you can click HERE!

    And if you haven't already, be sure to check out ISMOOCH's music by clicking HERE!
    I mentioned him, because we'll be making a collaborative album together. :D
  2. That is Awesome!

    I listened to ISMOOCH's Album and thought it was legit. Haven't had a chance on yours though :p
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  3. I thought it was awesome too! After hearing his tracks, I mentioned collaboration. This is going to be fun.
  4. Yay, more electronic music! Now I must stop playing Civilization V long enough to learn my software...
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  5. Go for it! I'd love to see another music artist out there! :)
  6. There's a few problems. I procrastinate. Also, I'm cheap and I've settled for LMMS as my DAW after Zyneware Podium and MuLab failed me. Also, do you know where I can find some good VSTIs? I'm sorry I'm asking so much...
  7. The quality of the software never matters. As long as you can compose something that you like, it's good music.

    And about VSTis, I used to get some from here in my early days of music production.

    I'm sure if you search on Google you could find some good ones.
  8. Thanks.
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  9. Does this mean that the community demands my music next? No. I'll release when ready, so start getting impatient.

    I like it. The songs are pretty good. I see room for improvement! ^^
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  10. Glad you like it!

    There is always room for improvement, but considering I was learning off of these tracks, I wasn't willing to go back to change anything. :)
  11. :) They weren't bad, just could be better.

    Yes there is. :) I can see that. Kind of like my first EP, which hasn't been released yet my next album is already being recorded.
  12. I'm looking forward to hearing your stuff. :D

    I also took a listen to my own EP again, and I can tell the difference between certain tracks and their age. Like when I started in 2012, and when I finished. Not sure if that's a good sign or not. :p
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  13. Thanks. :)
    My album should be so much better than my EP cause it will be an actual 100% pure me playing. EP was getting my feet wet in the electronic MIDI/DAW world.

    Really? I couldn't tell that much. ;)
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  14. My EP is pretty much the same in context.

    I guess being the creator, I can easily identify my flaws. :D
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  15. I guess I'll release a single this week…just so you guys can get to know my sound.
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  16. Looking forward to it!
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  17. Thanks! Can't wait to hear you and ISMOOCH's collab work as well!
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    I love that the community here is supportive in this stuff. I have been making music for a long time now.. and sometimes its just nice to see it pay off in the end. Even if one other person enjoys it.
  19. I totally agree! Having other people like something you made is just an awesome and inspirational feeling, no matter the audience.


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  20. Ironically, I have a song on my EP entitled "The Thing". :rolleyes:
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