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  1. As requested by many people, personally to me, and with the idea from Redwing2000 I have decided to make an exclusive set of redstone knowledge classes that will be differentiated in classes reaching from beginner to semi-pro. (Everyone who has ever wanted to learn redstone - has the oppotunity)

    This is not a building service in general - RSTech will not build your construction during lessons (Check Building and Consulting instead).

    RSTech will teach you, guide you and show you everything regarding redstone and its usage.


    First of all, let me just clarify something.

    If you want semi-quality lessons for cheap prices - find someone else. :rolleyes:

    And then something else.

    Do NOT apply for a "JOB" as a redstone teacher in this topic - if you're any good, I'll contact you or you can PM me with your showcases.

    RSTech Guidelines

    1. Nothing is indisputable!
    2. If you don't understand the class, speak up!
    3. Listen, learn, play and have fun!
    4. Don't use YouTube in classes.
    5. Don't believe in everything i tell you. (Welcome to the life of a Buddhist)
    6. Use your common sense and logic.
    • RSTech does NOT refund if you fail to show up! And we will NOT wait for you.
    • RSTech may delay your classes as appropriate.
    • RSTech may require "homework" prior to class.
      • Homework is you coming up with thoughts, ideas and "what you want out of this"
    • RSTech doesn't allow anyone to build without teacher.
    • RSTech doesn't wanna see repeater clocks in class!
    • RSTech provides all materials needed. (You will be borrowing them)
    • RSTech requires a 2000 Rupees as collateral. (This will be returned when lessons are done and all the borrowed items has been returned!)
      • Should there be items missing when you're returning them - the collateral will be reduced according to the sell prices from shop 1783 SMP1)
    • RSTech reclaims the right to say "NO" to some people.
    • RSTech will refund classes in case of teacher emergency.

    The prices below includes ONE person pr. lesson.
    The prices are NOT discussable.
    Payment and collateral is PRIOR to classes!
    To ensure that no one steals, there's a 2000 rupees collateral.

    • 1 Hour - 2000 rupees.
    • 3 Hours - 6000 rupees.
    • 5 Hours - 10000 rupees.
    Building and Consulting
    • 30 min - 2500 rupees. (Your location)
    • 1 Hour - 4000 rupees. (Your location)
    • Other - 10-50.000 rupees. (Your location)
    Lessons (Topics)

    You may choose as many lessons as you want, or RSTech can guide you through depending on how long you decide to take the class. RSTech has the right to refuse one lesson if another isn't taken - or if the redstone knowledge of the student is to low without prior lessons.

    Each lesson will be put together with YOU. If you wanna try and learn why an already designed construction works - we'll do that. If you have an idea you don't know how to create - we will teach you how to and how it works (might require more lessons). If you just always wanted to know how redstone works and how to use it in your everyday building life - we will indeed guide you through it with a wide selection of lessons.

    Each lesson may take from 15 min. to 5+ hours.
    Not all lessons will be taught on the same day (So take screenshots)
    Lessons are taught on THIS residence(#5112 - Utopia), and nowhere else.
    If offered, lessons can be supplied with a SKYPE/Mumble call.
    If you fail to learn anything, you probably need to listen more.

    Lessons are:
    • Understanding redstone and how it powers
    • Greating gates from statements (IF OR ELSE)
    • Pistons, BUD, buttons and levers.
    • The magic of rails in SMP RS Creations.
    • Small n' Medium RS Creations (Your ideas)
    • Big RS Creations (Your ideas) (ONLY 5H Class)
    • Generators and how to optimize them.
    • Setting up Blaze and other EXP Grinders.
    • The power of making compact doors.
    • Making and understanding the 24H clock. (Memory)
    • Why you NEVER use repeater clocks on SMP.
    • Signal, latch, shortening and pulses.
    Final note
    It is very important for me, as a teacher of redstone, that YOU know what you want out of this, and that you dare being honest. If you wanna stop midway and take another lesson - its FINE with me!

    I have no interest in making rupees - the high prices is mainly to sort away the people that doesn't have the inner lust to really LEARN redstone.

    And to prove that there is no interest in earning rupees - all the above lesson prices will be donated to ongoing projects.

    Current project that will receive ALL rupees gained from lessons (UNCUT!) is the EMCWiki.
  2. For everyone's convenience - and thoose that wanna help this great project along.

    Here is the link to this thread bit.ly/RSTech

    Still reserved for updates.
  3. Approved by the EMC Wiki
    You won't be disappointed with PT's redstone skills. They really are the best in the Empire.
  4. just asking but you should lower the prices not everyone is rich
  5. No, but you are paying for a very high quality class. I'm not rich and IMO the prices are fine.
  6. Read the full post - there is an answer too why the prices are as they are.
  7. An average how much people in a classroom and how much for private lessons?
  8. The above prices are based sole' on 1 person teaching and 1 learning. (Private lessons)

    If you want to go together with a mate - and take the class, it will be proximate +50% on the prices for each person.
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  9. This is fantastic PT! I am definitely going to sign up for these classes, I seriously need it.
  10. Thanks PT for giving me credit! Btw would you suggest a few classes for people who dont know where to start? Possibly highlight in red :) (like me!) May take a 1 hr long class
  11. Im happy that you like it! Put alot of thought into it - and i hope you'll enjoy your future lessons :)

    The idea was indeed yours with the school and yuris for the lessons.
    I would much rather tailer-make each class for each person than make "standard" packages.

    • Understanding redstone and how it powers
    • Generators and how to optimize them.
    • The power of making compact doors.
    The above is a good place to start.
  12. REDSTONE?!
    mind blown
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  13. Very nice idea, im impressed already.

    I have a very crude idea of how to use pistons and redstone in my constructs, so i will happily pay you for some lessons.

    Can i please make an appointment with yourself in regards to the following lessons:

    Compact Doors
    Optimixing Generators

    Rupees will be exchanged once i manage to catch you online.

    Regards Glasi13
  14. PM Sent
  15. PThagaard i want to learn how to make blaze and exp spawners and redstone items.How can i make a appointment
  16. Appointment set.

    See you on monday :)
  17. i might not do monday pt i got to see
  18. Ill pm you sunday for which date and time
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  19. Hey there. I would like to sign up for a class on making and understanding 24H clocks (Memory), I know a fair few things about redstone (Thank you Etho videos!) But I want to get more advanced.