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  1. Ok well, I started a little thing called the Redwing Academy. I haven't seen stuff like this in the Empire but I got the idea.... nevermind. Anyways, I thought it would be nice if people needed help on something they could take a class at my place. It teaches Building Techniques, Redstoneism (redstone stuff), Wool Art Class, and Grinder Building. It shows people how to do things then i give materials for them to build it themselves in a little field i have. Right now it looks like a 1 room school, but i plan on adding 3 more floors for 3 more levels for each teaching to have its own floor. I'm not sure how this is gonna turn out, so please post your comments here. By the way here are prices:

    1 class for 1 day: 250r for simple, 500r for moderate, 750r for complex
    All types of classes for 1 day: 1000r
    1 type of class for 1 week: 1500r for simple 3000r for moderate, 4500r for complex
    All types of classes for 1 week: 9000r
    Specialist (One class for 2 weeks): 3000r for simple 6000r for moderate 9000r for complex

    UPDATE: I have put down a list of classes now and im letting special guests come in and assist me with my teachings.

    Building Techniques - Simple, Moderate and Complex
    Redstoneism - Simple, Moderate and Complex
    Wool Art Class - Moderate
    Grinder Building - Simple, Moderate and Complex
    Redstone Grinder Building - Moderate and Complex
    Mob Hunters Class - Simple
    Store Stocker Tactics - Moderate, Complex
    By the way, there is going to be a test if you take a Specialist Class.

    Person that is good in all things as a back-up teacher
  2. I would like to be in a grinder building class and a redstoneiesm class
  3. I think this is a great idea! I would love to be enrolled to every class :3
  4. I need everything. Im choosing all types of classes for 1 day.
  5. I think i may start tommorow....
  6. I can help teach some things. Just let me know what you need and I'll help out.
  7. Is there a sign like when your enrolled
  8. If you wanna up your prices for redstone to 10.000rupees a day - then im ready to work as a teacher for you ;)
  9. I'll take a few classes! And i'm good at decor so i can teach that if you need teachers.
  10. Im also good a designing.
  11. ill have 2 classes per day
  12. I'll help teach if you want. I can teach how to make a very productive cobble gen or make cave spider/ spider traps.
  13. *bump* UPDATE
  14. K. i can help with certain mob traps (maybe grinders) and i can help with redstone (for cobble gens)
  15. I want to take 2 specialest
    ,Grinder Building
  16. *Bump* Back to school? lol, i would join this but you may know i'm bussy as hell right now :p
  17. what server is this gonna be on?
  18. Redwing i can be a redstone teacher
  19. Now is time for someone to make a public school that costs next to nothing. Then watch as the rich academy owners get mad over it.