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  1. so im going to people shop but by doing the random command. is there any way i can be in someone's shop and type a coomand that will tell me the location so i can just type. /v ect. ? just like i know my residence is on /v 17251. thank you for all the help
  2. Typing /res info will show you the residence you're standing on.
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  3. /res info will tell you the location
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  4. *looks at 2 replies*
    /res info
  5. I think "/res info" will get you the information you seek
  6. Thank you all i really appreciate it
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  7. when i type res info it just gives me my info
  8. You have to type "/res info" when you're on the res that the Shop exists on that you want to know about.

    If what you're trying to do is figure out the res number for a res you were on previously I do not think there is a way to do that currently.
  9. If you go to the res that you want to know the number on first and then use /res info, it will give you the info for that specific residence and it will tell you the number :)
  10. You can also use /res info #### and it will give you the res info as long as you're on the same smp/server. The live map /map will also show your location and res numbers/owners on the map.