Kman's 600th Day Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Today is my 600th day on EMC!

    I have hidden ten "Prize Boxes" near the center Frontier outpost on SMP3. These ten boxes are within 200 blocks from spawn. You will not have to dig up any blocks to find these boxes, they are all on the surface. There are ten boxes that contain an emerald with text about my 600th day! If you find one, post a screenshot here or send it to me in a PM. I will award you with 500r and whatever you need most.
    Happy Hunting!


    By: Krysyyjane9191

    By: Electrobomb
  2. on my way to hunt!
  3. any certain way we should go? east etc?
  4. If you go on the main road and jump down and look, you may find some.
  5. main road where:p
    as in direction
  6. Been looking for almsot an hour...nothing turned up
  7. Dude give us clue where some are
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  8. I didn't find one of them
  9. Neither, I gave up after an hour :/
  10. Yay! You share my emc birthday =P and moose's of course...
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  11. I found one! Hooray! And then I died...but the emerald is safe...

    p.s. congrats on getting me to go to the I'm staying safe in town for a while
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  12. Good job! Funny thing is, when I was hiding these I found a Marlix. I had no food and no health. That was irritating.
    What do you want most, krysyy?

    EDIT: Everyone else check around the area krysyy found her Emerald in.
  13. u so said wastelands ._.

    and i found 3 while looking for the marlix last night, ill show them to u ingame, too lazy for a scrnsht.
  14. Please post a screenshot so I can verify the location and others can look around there. Only take one. :)
  15. found one :) 2013-09-07_16.14.09.png coordinates: (from the empire website,) -44, 80
  16. 2/10 found! Everybody else keep looking. You may take the Box and emerald Electrobomb. Good luck to the rest!
  17. ermm, ill give u the others when i log on in a sec, but i sorta took the boxes alrdy cuz they were named and kewl and stuff
  18. what do you mean by what do i want most?
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  19. Part of the prize was that he'll give you the thing you want the most. So if you want an *example* diamond pickaxe, he'll probably give you one is what I'm guessing.
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  20. But, there has to be a limit to this. Like, what if the thing I want the most is a JustinGuy head or a Dragon Egg?
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