Kittens are cute :3

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Arinaneko. Nice to meet you all
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  2. Welcome to EMC. :)
  3. Welcome to EMC Arinaneko, if you have any questions you can always ask me :)
  4. Welcome what smp are you on ??
  5. Such an original title ;) Welcome :)
  6. Welcome to EMC and your in the Butter Zone now babe!
  7. Welcome to the Empire!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire!!! And yes kittens are cute :D.
  9. not just kittens, puppies too ^^

    ...Butter... zone...? :)

    Thanks everyone
  10. Oh and because didn't say much earlir in my "introduction"
    I'm from finland almost 18
    and I just started playing minecraft for the first time. Only because napoleones didn't stop playing it, I just had to try it
  11. Yes, same :p
    He always says that, it sounds a little creepy to me
  12. Welcome to the Empire :)
  13. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  14. What so creepy about my signature? Your in the Butter Zone now babe! TRANSLATION: Hey, Your actions and movements are so smooth, they are like butter, my friend.

    Used in another way while to a friend:
    Daguman: Hey Racer, can you take out those Zombies over there? while I handle the skeleton and creepers on that ridge!
    x3mracer: Yo Dagu! This is about my 17th Zombie I killed today, with out recieving any damage to me and my armor! :D
    Daguman: Oh yeah! Your in the Butter Zone now babe!
    x3mracer: Sweet!!!

    There are other examples I can do, but 1 is enough.
  15. :D I think it's cute... In a creepy way, but still cute :p
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  16. Hello! Welcome!!!! And yes, kittens are cute! xD
    What's finland like??
  17. Mhmmm Finland ya say? I know someone from there, Its a very cold I hear.
  18. Well, there're a lot of forests and lakes.
    And saunas are from finland.

    It's quite cold during the winter and mildly hot during the summer, but I like the autumm breeze the best.
    I just can't stand the mosquitos, they're everywhere during the summer
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