King Co. A new mining company! Taking Orders Today!!

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  1. I Am Sorry I have closed this thread due to me being unclear about details about the company. if you still wish to place orders with King Co. there is a new thread under the community maketplace. Thread Name: King Co. Mining and Wood Company! [NEW THREAD]. Sorry for the troubles!!!
  2. Just Added Stuff To The List!!!
  3. Your Name: Pengw7n
    What You Want And How Many Stacks You Want: 54 Stacks of Oak logs(double chest) and 27 stacks of iron ore(single chest)
    Total Price:2160+8640=10800(ill round to 11k)
    What Smp YOU Reside From And Your Res#:Smp1 res: 1150
  4. 1 stack of birch logs 1 stack gold ore
    Price: 448+40= 488r
    smp1 res: 509
  5. bucky291 your order is ready! and it is 50r for birch logs so the total is 519. thanks tell me when you are on next.
  6. drop it off at 509 im online
  7. Your Name: zeke1o0o
    What You Want And How Many Stacks You Want: birch logs-50 stacks, jungle logs-50 stacks, sand-50 stacks, and sandstone-50 stacks.
    total: 9500
    What Smp YOU Reside From And Your Res#: smp7 res 14869
    if this is too much let me know, and i will shorten it.
  8. Pab10S
    Oak Logs: 54 stacks
    Pine Logs: 54 Stacks
    Total: 4860
    SMP7, 14870
  9. coffee_bullet
    OakLogs: 324 stacks
    Total: 12960r
    Smp1 903
  10. Woah King Co. Is Busy!!

    Did you know, they are teamed up with the ProStarter Project?
  11. Test Post:
  12. is there a king co site
  13. no, although ProStarter is partners so WE MIGHT make them one
  14. Your Name: AlexChance

    What You Want And How Many Stacks You Want: 20 stacks of sandstone, 20 stacks of oak, pine, jungle and birch log.

    Total Price: 4900r, I think.

    What Smp YOU Reside From And Your Res#: SMP2, will pickup from access room at your res if that's okay :)
  15. Oh, and wrong topic :) Should be in the marketplace :)
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  17. i will try :S
  18. For those of us ordering, could you explain what this means so we don't bother you thinking our order's done?
  19. well i help King Co. so i will sort some orders out please bother me if there is a problem :D Click Here to make a problem :(