Killed Momentus on diff 10 with a wooden sword xD

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  1. Ok, so there I was, looking for wild horses in the daytime on diff 10, until suddenly I see "The ground shakes nearby". I only had food, sticks, and a wooden sword. I looked around to see where it was, but couldn't see it. I ran away to get away from it, but it turns out I was running straight at it and then got drawn in :p . Right after I got drawn in, I see "this monster has some trouble getting to you". After a minute of hitting it (and my wooden sword breaking), I killed it on diff 10 :D . My sword had a tiny smidgen of red left on it. I got 20 fragments, 5 vault vouchers, 6 zombie heads, 16 shiny flesh, and 7 zombie virus :D
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  2. Wow! Great job! I have to set the difficulty way down to defeat a Momentus!
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  3. This doesn't make sense. You would have been killed many times from getting drawn in and/or the enraged minions.
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  4. No guardians spawned in at all. The second I got drawn in, the message "this monster has trouble getting to you appeared" I was in a forest and stuck between trees. I just kept hitting him and nothing happened :D
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  5. That's the second Momentus I've heard of that was killed on difficulty 10 because it got stuck in recent weeks :p Fair play!
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  6. Awesome! Enjoy the loot. :D
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  7. If a Momentus gets stuck somehow, it won't have an AI. Weird but true...

    EDIT: This happened to me too, but I was so stupid not to set my difficulty to 10 :(
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