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  1. So, if I haven't been as active these last few days, this is why.

    This is Khan Academy. The link sums it up, but I can tell you it is one of the niftiest things I've come across, not because I'm in the middle of an examination, but because it is a thrilling gamified way of learning, mainly in math.

    I have about 50,000 energy points, is anyone else on KA and if so how many energy points do you have? :)

    By the way, I might be able to coach anyone if they want ^_^
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  2. Looked it up. Looks cool. Now's the time to ever regret being forced to go to public school.
  3. I had to use this for so long over summer vacation, I hated it :mad:
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  4. You monster what have you got me addicted too!
  5. Education, obviously. :D
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  6. I used it... Im kinda addictid to now :/

  7. I'm trying it out now :D
  8. Wow. I had no idea education on the internet could be so fun!
    Thanks for getting me addicted to even more things, Master. :D
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  9. This:
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  10. 80,000 points. Se use in school occasionally.
  11. You are welcome, young Grasshopper.

    Coming up to 60,000 after a few days playing :D
  12. I just checked, I have 87,000 points. We were required to do about 60 sections over the course of the summer. It was painful because if you got a SINGLE PROBLEM wrong, you would have to do 8 more problems in that set. Also If you managed to get 3 or 4 wrong, you would need to do like 40 problems to catch up. It took so long D:
  13. Did you not enjoy the questions, as they'd be getting you more points/badges?
  14. Meh, I guess they were ok. The main reason it was bad because it was the summer and I wanted to play minecraft :p
  15. That doesn't compute, I wanna complete the skill tree on KA more than I wanna play Minecraft :D
  16. I like this site. I am actually working on a website very similar to this currently. But it will have content created by any, though it must be approved.
  17. So a Web 2.0 spin to Khan Academy?
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  18. Basically yeah. It will have a (hopefully)huge variety of different tutorials. Should be ready by the end of the year. Though next northern schooling year is hoped.
  19. Lol, maybe it was because It was all stuff that I already knew...but I didn't like it