Keph is a creative hack.

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  1. Whenever a forum or profile asks for "Occupation," that's my answer. Creative Hack.
    I am a jack of many trades, and master of none. I like to write, make music, model & animate, draw, and build. I excel at none of these things, but I always itch to create, in some form.
    So here are some of my less-horrible visual creations.

    The concept of "classic brass pocketwatch as mechanical creature" is one of my favorite creations. This shiny, refined version was rigged and modeled so that it could properly "fold up" and behave as a normal watch.
    Something along the lines of a steampunk Transformer, you could say, although the idea was inspired more by the scanner spiders from Minority Report.
    I'd hoped to do more with the concept, but my furthest progress so far has been a half-finished apartment room where the prototype watch-spider was animated.

    One thing I noticed consistently in my drawings was that the stick-figure poses I used to begin drawing were often more expressive than the finished versions. Essence was basically me saying "to hell with it" and making good on those skeletal lines, rather than trying to detail them. This is one of those exceptionally rare instances where the result is something that I'm totally satisfied with, and came out exactly as I intended it.

    Okay, so this one bears some explaining. As you might expect, the tiger is my character/self, in this case set in the world of PlaneShift. Around that same time, I was also making an attempt at writing/drawing a webcomic, which as of that point had been on hiatus for a few weeks and I was struggling to continue the story. Why post it here?
    Lulz, mostly.

    Might be more to come, if I convince my hand to pick up a pencil or stylus again.
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  2. "Essence" reminds me of a Japanese ukiyo-e painting.
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  3. Strange day in Ojaveda is very nice, I quite like the tiger :p
  4. So, the painfully low graphics quality of PlaneShift taught me some lessons in photoshopping screenshots.
    Around the same time, one of my coworkers (nay, boss - the copycenter lead) had just returned from maternity leave.
    She didn't really seem to grasp the fact that I don't like kids, nor did I give a damn about her baby pictures. New mother, guess it's to be expected.

    I put a little something together to help get the message across.
    She was... less than amused. But at least she kept the baby pictures away from me afterwards!

    Something I did for another player's character, "Shauni Ironstark." Facing down a Grendol in the sewers beneath Hydlaa.
    ...Been digging around in my old art folders and that was one of the least-horrible things I could find.

    Since "Enkidukai" is kinda long and unwieldy, most people just said "enki" - adding an M or F depending on gender. Hence, "Fenki." Yes, it's silly, but probably no moreso than any other MMO-specific jargon I suppose. Anyway... I forget the exact circumstances that lead to this holiday-themed pinup, but I'm reasonably proud of it.

    Don't make me regret sharing this one, please. :confused:
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  5. I am terrible at drawing and am more of a math person but I still try to make stuff every now and then. Your drawings are really cool. I like the first one. That clock thing could be a cool animation.
  6. The sad part is, I made the clock-spider specifically for an animation, fully rigged and ready to go. Painfully long render-times and creative burnout designing the apartment room ended up killing that project, however.

    Also, edit to last post to toss some more PS-related photoshopped/screenshot work in spoilers.
  7. Wow, the Fenki thing is very good. How do you get so talented! :eek:
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  8. 'nuff said, really.
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  9. The glory of this picture outshines even the greatest of the animation things on this thread, and those are pretty awesome, especially the baby one... I can't even begin to think how to make things that good. But this, this is genius.

    Congratulations, jack of many trades... at last, I hereby grant you the title of master, in the complicated art of Purr-ito Crafting, no less. Use your talent wisely, for the power of mastering Purr-ito is often too much for even the finest of artists to handle.
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  10. This artwork is creative, imaginative, serious and funny. You call yourself a master of none but you are a master of some. For art is what you make it to be.
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