Keep a word, drop a word! [REVIVED]

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  1. Hey! So I decided to revive this game made by fireshadow52 from the dead, it died out a while ago. [ORIGINAL THREAD]
    Here's how it works: (Paragraph copied from the original thread)

    Person 1: Insatiable person
    Person 2: Person of the darkness
    Person 3: Eternal darkness

    et cetera!

    Let me start: OrigamiJoe

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  2. Joe Dalton.
  3. Dalton's icecream
  4. Ice cream cake
  5. The cake is a lie
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  6. lie to the cake
  7. Cake is good
  8. Caked in mud!
  9. Mud on my promos
  10. Promos are love, promos are life
  11. About that EMC life
  12. (I really think we should have less words per post. 3 at max, really.)
    Bugs life.
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  13. life with bugs
  14. Bugs Bunny
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  15. death of cyrus
  16. Cyrus Mccormick Reaper
  17. Cyrus of Persia
  18. Bottles of enchanting
  19. Elsa of Arendelle

    (Lol i hate frozen)