Kat's 1 Year Scavenger Hunt

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  1. What It Is

    My one year anniversary on EMC is coming up, so I decided to hold an event to celebrate. A month from today, I will be holding an all day scavenger hunt event. People that would like to particpate can sign up for teams which I will have listed below. When the event starts, each team will have 48 hours to go into the smp8 wastelands and find as many chests as they can. Each chest will have a "voucher" in it which will be redeemable for a certain number of points. Clues to locations of chests will be given out throughout the event. At the end of the event, I will hold a ceremony announcing the winning team. A prize room will be set up for the winning team and each member of the winning team will get to choose a random prize chest to open. These chests will be filled with promos, special items, and books worth rupees.

    When It Is

    Scavenger Hunt

    Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
    7:00pm emc
    Thursday, October 29th, 2015
    7:00pm emc

    *I have made this a 48 hour event so that people from different countries/time zones can participate.

    Where It Is

    Smp8 Wastelands

    Prize Chests

    Marlix Bow
    Momentus Toothpick
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    T-Virus Vaccine
    Gold Voucher
    Lucky Bow

    *As per my last event, donations are obviously not required. However, any donations will be appreciated.
  2. Red
    1. CoryLovesYou
    2. Finalysm
    3. Dufne
    4. f_Builder_s
    5. ChamelonNYC
    6. Jdog1234
    7. JadziaDelirus
    8. ww2fan168
    9. AverageWalrus

    1. BeNub
    2. FalleReavyn
    3. bornox
    4. Gawadrolt
    5. WyntyrRaevyn
    6. Captian_Foxy
    7. xpCakeCrafted
    8. WhozCoopz
    9. jossytheninja

    1. Codygraw
    2. ChickenDice
    3. MistyLou
    4. PlasmaBanana
    5. Miss_Peevle
    6. Dj__Krazy
    7. SteamingFire
    8. SkeleTin007

    1. EnderMagic1
    2. Perez2428
    3. batroach
    4. Roman719
    5. PinkCaker
    6. SilverCrownn
    7. Tahitian
    8. DeathPunchKitty
  3. Haven't even read the OP and I know this'll be amazing :D
  4. Happy early 1 year!
    I will try to participate in your awesome sounding event :D

    Edit: Do you have to be on a team to participate?
    Edit2: If I just waited a few more minutes I would have found out :p Could I be on the Purple Team? :p
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  5. Sounds amazing! Happy first year, hopefully there are many more to come! I'll join purple team please :)
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  6. I wish i could make it :(
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  7. Changed it to 24 hrs instead of 12.
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  8. Sounds like fun and hope to be there! I'll pick purple please. :p
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  9. Sweet! Blue team please!
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  10. Yellow team plea... ;)

    Edit : Should say i'm not taking part, in case the awesome colour that is yellow wins and then gets called cheats :p
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  12. There is no light aqua but the closet is blue so would like to ask could I please be on team blue or yellow?
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  13. Can I be on the team that silently roots for Purple?
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  14. puirple team plz
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  15. Purple pleae
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  16. Happy 1 year! You can place me on a team with the least participants. :p
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  17. Yellow :p
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  18. Benub looks like we are a team!
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  19. You got this Ender! Do it for the yellow lovers out there!
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  20. I'd like to join Team Red :D
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