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  1. I just joined because the Minecraft realm I was playing on expired. I have played on many servers throughout the years but got into other games. Lately I felt like getting back into Minecraft because I was getting bored of GuildWars 2 (which I play with my main gaming community).

    I have been playing Minecraft since beta so I am not new to the game. Just new to this community.

    I am not extremely social, being somewhat of an introvert, but I am nice and try to be polite. I am not the best at designing buildings but I enjoy building nevertheless. I find the game relaxing. The set up of the server at Empire is different than what I am used to but I am finding quite a lot of positives about it. Today was my first day. I will be back (I don't want to lose what I have created thus far).
  2. Welcome to the Empire! Feel free to come ask me (or anyone for that matter) if you need any help :)
  3. Welcome to EMC. Players here are very friendly just ask if you need help and someone will surely be happy to help
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  4. Welcome!
    For some reason, your profile picture really appeals to me... better not get too close to it, though ;)
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  5. Ayyyye, welcome to EMC!
    I suggest visiting smp8 some time, quite the experience alright. ;)
    But whatever you do, don't go on smp7. You will never come back the same person. xP
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  6. Woooo! Welcome to the Empire. It sounds like you will fit right in with the community.
    And.....!! it is always awesome to see another friendly face. :)
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  7. Ah, always nice to get some "new" veteran Minecraft players on EMC, adds some nice flare to the mix.
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  8. Yup, Welcome!
    Be sure and keep an eye on your 'derelict' status. Don't want to lose what you started on :).
    Basically though, as long as you log in every couple days (or vote) you will be fine.

    If ya got any questions, let us know!
    See ya around!
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! Which server is your residence on? As rainbowpony said, i would suggest coming to smp8 because it's a bundle of joy! (proud to say it is my home server)

    I hope you enjoy your time on emc as much as i do :)
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  11. Getting welcomed by three moderators, now that's a good start! :) (at least I got welcomed by the near-legendary JackBiggin :rolleyes:)
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! What server is your residence on? Since you aren't quite used to social media, don't get a res on smp4 :p they have a lot of weird conversations.
  13. Welcome to the Empire Katie, enjoy your stay here. :)
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  14. Did someone say "flare?" :D

    ...oh and um, uh, welcome to the Empire, katiekabo0m. Ye. ^^;
  15. Chris, who let you out of your cage? Go on now, shoo.
  16. Welcome to EMC!

    I suggest you give voting a try because the rupees, diamonds, emeralds, and special items really help!

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  17. We need more players like you. Not sure what that means. Just want you to feel welcome. So welcome to you.
  18. First of all a (belated) welcome to the Empire. And yeah, you'll find that EMC can easily be used as a 'substitute Minecraft realm', with the main difference of course that it's usage is fully free and that you're not in full control over your surroundings anymore. But I think that last point makes it all the more challenging.

    As to the community; that's the fun part. You can stick to yourself, you don't have to attend events, you don't need to chatter in chat and you can even keep everyone out of your residence if you want to (using /res set move false while standing on your residence). And don't feel bad about doing that; there are many players who chose to do so because they valued some privacy. Just as extra: /res pset <name of player> move true, that command would allow you to give access to your residence to a single player (provided that you 'locked' it).

    Heck; even if the chatter bothers you then you can also opt to turn that whole thing off completely. Or simply leave the main chat channel (town chat) while keeping an eye out for economic stuff. For more information on that I'd like to point your attention to our wiki, especially the commands overview.

    Some people already mentioned this, I can't help to do the same: voting for the server will not only get you some nice rewards (rupees, but also more special items if you keep on voting) but it will also reset the derelict timer. So if you don't have much time to play you can still protect your things by quickly voting for EMC on one (or all) of the mentioned websites.

    SO yah... Hope you're going to have a great time here! And don't hesitate to ask if you run into problems, EMC can be quite a complex server to learn :)
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  19. Welcome to the empire!!