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  1. I am no longer accepting orders. Go here for more information: http://bit.ly/19lmAuB

    Kad's Supply Co.

    Welcome to Kad's Supply Co., the shop in a thread! Rather than having to go to a specific Smp to a specific res, all you have to do is choose whatever items you would like to order, submit a comment, and your order will be on its way. Note: Please only post if you are submitting or editing an order or have a question about the service. If you are only posting to remind me of or request the status of an order, please refrain from doing so as it only slows me down. I am aware of it's status and keep the order tracker updated for you to get this information from.

    To begin, start by looking through the catalog of available items below then fill out the order form provided. Once I let you know your order is ready, come to /v Kadboy 2 and step on the teleport for Order Pickup. Look around the room for a door with your access sign above it and use the ChestShop(s) inside to get your items. (Do not pay for your items manually.)

    If you want, you can set a deadline for when you would like your order to be ready for an extra 500R. (Please see below for more information about deadlines.) If for whatever reason I do happen to miss your deadline, I will take the deadline fee off the total price, along with 500R for every additional day it's late. NOTE: The minimum price for an overdue order is half of its original total.

    • Cobblestone-Stack: 25R SC: 640R DC: 1,200R
    • Stone/Stone Brick-Stack: 40R SC: 1,000R DC: 1,900R
    • Sand-Stack: 30R SC: 750R DC: 1,400R
    • Sandstone (Any type)-Stack: 120R SC: 3,000R DC: 5,800R
    • Logs-Stack: 100R SC: 2,500R DC: 4,800R
    • Glass-Stack: 60R SC: 1,500R DC: 2,900R
    • Obsidian-Stack: 512R SC: 13,000R DC: 24,800R
    • Sugarcane/Paper-Stack: 14R SC: 350R DC: 680R
    • Netherrack-Stack: 16R SC: 400R DC: 775R
    • Nether Brick-Stack: 100R SC: 2,500R DC: 4,800R
    • Wool (Any color)-Stack: 64R SC: 1,650R DC: 3,000R
    • Hardened Clay- Stack: 300R SC: 7,700R DC: 14,500R
    • Emeralds- Stack: 1,400R SC: 36,000R DC: 68,000R Provided by deathconn
    1.7 Update Items:
    • Acacia and Dark Oak Logs-Stack: 120R SC: 3,000R DC: 5,800R
    • Red Sand-Stack: 80R SC: 2,000R DC: 3,800R
    Read the following spoiler before ordering:

    To determine the minimum wait for an order when setting a deadline, look at how much of the item you're ordering and divide it by the rate per day. If there is any remainder, add an extra day.

    If you are ordering two different items, the minimum deadlines add on to each other. Example: If you order 1 DC of Logs and 5 DCs of Cobblestone, the minimum deadline would be 2 days.
    • Cobblestone-5 DCs/Day
    • Stone/Stone Brick-5 DCs/Day
    • Sand/Red Sand-5 DCs/Day
    • Sandstone (Any type)-3 DCs/Day
    • Logs (Any type)-1 DC/Day
    • Glass-4 DCs/Day
    • Obsidian-1 SC/Day
    • Sugarcane/Paper-5 DCs/Day
    • Netherrack-5 DCs/Day
    • Nether Brick-1 DC/Day
    • Clay Blocks-1 SC/Day
    • Wool (Any color)-1 DC/Day
    • Emeralds-8 Stacks/Day
    • Hardened Clay-1 SC/Day

    Order Form
    Item(s) and Quantity:
    Would you like me to transport for you? (If so, specify the res)
    Extra Information and Services
    Order Tracker
    If you're wondering about the status of your order and anything having to do with it, just visit this link and search your name in the search bar: http://kadsordertracker.hopto.org/issues. (Just click login as guest) You'll be able to see your order's status, its progress, and more.

    Cross-Server Transportation
    All orders are collected on Utopia, so if you usually play on Utopia (or you're willing to come to my second res to pick up your order), then there's no need to worry about the following information. If you're fine with coming to pick up your items, come by /v Kadboy 2 and follow the teleport for order pickups.

    Although, if you prefer to play on one of the other Smps, then I would be glad to transport your order for you for only 100 Rupees extra. If you choose for your order to be transported, please make the access chests accessible to the person who lets you know your order is done. In addition, if the total for your order is over 1,000 Rupees, transportation is free!

    • Kadboy
    • flamingpotato42
    • deathconn
    If you would like to know more about working for me, start a conversation with me here on he site and we can discuss.

    If you don't pick up your order from my res or setup an access chest and pay within a week of being notified, I will void your order. This means I am able to do whatever I want with the items you ordered, and you may have to wait for me to collect your order again if you choose to place it again.
  2. OMG where were you a few days ago!?!?!?
    I would've been your BIGGEST buyer! xD
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  3. Items: 1DC paper
    Would you like me to transport for you? (If so, specify the res): NO
    Optional-Deadline: NO
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  4. Items: SC Glass and 4 stacks of Oak Wood
    No transport
    No deadline

    I'll pickup and pay tomorrow or now if you can
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  5. Your order is ready, once you send the payment I'll setup your access chest. :)
    EDIT: Order complete
  6. Items: SC of Netherrack
    Would you like me to transport for you? (If so, specify the res) No
    Optional-Deadline: No
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  7. Items: 10 dc Sandstone
    Would you like me to transport for you? (If so, specify the res) Smp9 18471
    Optional-Deadline: 17th of july
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  8. Kad will have fun
  9. :( I hope Kadboy isn't 10 or something, might just run him into the ground with your order lol. Troll order or not thats a hard one to do.
  10. Age is just a number, it doesnt matter, and mr.Kad is a very trusted member.
  11. I wasn't saying age was an issue or that he couldnt fill the order :p.
  12. 1 DC Glass
    No transport
    No deadline
    Please PM me when ready!
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  13. its not a troll order. i have plans to work on my maze after the redstone expo is complete and thats my time frame hence the mid july for my deadline
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  14. The logs are ready, so once you pay the 480R I'll setup your chest. :)
  15. You can tell its late where Death lives when: have* work* for*
  16. Lol I said forget the logs but if I get the funds I'll pay and pickup
  17. yes it is, Thank you so much for clearing my typos up. clearly it was needed..
  18. Oh, well they're there whenever you need them. :p
  19. Your Netherrack is ready. Once I receive the 400R I'll setup your chest.
  20. I feel stupid now :l sorry bout that, I get your point. Sorry
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