JustinGuy's two years on EMC!

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  1. Me and other people were chatting about it for we noticed that JustinGuy is nearly been on EMC for two years! Only one more day to go. S I would just like to say Happy B-Day to Justin! :)
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  2. Uh... Yeah!...
  3. Wasn't justinguy like one the first members on EMC? Actually I think we base EMCs birthday off of him.
  4. Yeah I was trying to think that through with some friends on Smp9 so do you think it will be 2 years birthday for EMC?
  5. Hehe, it will be 2 years of the /p plugin, not actual emc
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  6. Bump for Justin's B-Day!
  7. Justins 2 year bday already passed didnt it? The plugin was later installed so it shows the incorrect time.
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  8. happy birthday plugin? Happy Birthday Plugin!
  9. Happy birthday (sort of)! The emc had been running smoothly for 2 full years now!
  10. Justin along with other GameKRIB members actually created EMC. He is a Co-Owner with Jeremy (IcC) last time I checked.
  11. He is already 2 years.... but happy late birthday :D
  12. Happy b-day JustinGuy! Happy b-day EMC! YAY! :D
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  13. Yeah, EMC's actual is late July/early August (I think)
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  14. Yeah, its like July 26 or something
  15. It's been a few months so yeah :p
  16. It's already been over 2 years because the player lookup plugin was installed a few months after launch so it shows incorrectly, but happy late birthday :p