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  1. Hi,

    I found your sword and head in the enderman grinder. You can have the sword back but I'm selling your head. :D

    Message me if you want it back.
  2. JustinGuy is the old server owner...

    This is either a troll or you've been mistaken...
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  3. He was the owner if EMC he doesn't play anymore so you could give the sword to me if you want ;) his head could be worth a lot.
  4. I agree with deathconn
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  5. If you honestly have Justinguy's head, you also have a gold mine..
  6. Can you screenshot the items and post it on this thread?
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  7. Can you screenshot the items and post it on this thread?
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  8. Place the head and screen shot this and BTW this is justinguy: image.jpg
  9. The head is in my inventory and it says "JustinGuy's head". I haven't placed it yet so I don't even know what it looks like. I didn't even know who the guy was until I tried to message him.
  10. We'll post a picture then, also if it was in a chest in the nether grinder in the wild on utopia taking it would be considered stealing ;) and since I've been at the nether grinder very frequently the past couple of days and have been through all the chests I'm thinking his head was not in there
  11. Take a screenshot of the head.
  12. Whoops actually not stealing because it says whatever is in the chests their are free u are all good spartan
  13. Here's the story....

    I went to the enderman grinder and as I was making my route I saw, on the ground, a sword, head, coal and a couple other things. I figured someone got killed so I picked up the head and sword to see who it belonged to. The head said "JustinGuys head". So I called out in local chat and said I had his sword. No one was in local. So I called out in suppoerter chat and said again that I had picked up his sword. I waited awhile and got no answer so I figured I'd message him on the website. That's when I found out who he was. That's also when I made this post.

    I have his sword and I want to return it.

    I'm attaching pictures of the head.
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  14. congratulations you are now super rich :D
    at first I thought this was a well executed troll by either you or the person who dropped the head (and it could potentially still be a well executed troll by you but I doubt it).
    What was on the sword?
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  15. So it belongs to someone who died with it there.
  16. But JustinGuy hasn't been online for 326 days. And Who would bring someone else's head to a farm that isn't exactly filled with pillows and bubble wrap?
  17. LOL yeah I know. It's possible though.

    I messaged a mod and I'll see what he says.
  18. Maybe someone can check the logs and see what happened? If it was in someone's inventory when they died, they should get it back.
  19. Anyone can put a players' skin on and then rename the head with an anvil.
    Also, JustinGuy has not been on EMC in almost a year.
    Player heads did not even exists on EMC back then.
    And JustinGuy has zero lifetime TEXP (seems odd).

    Anyway, it would be nice if it was real, but it is a fake.
    (maybe nick5013 made it with an alt, like he did for the Melon Head :) )
  20. It is unlikely that the head and sword are legitament, but our admins probably do have the ability to get JustinGuy's head using some kind of code, without him having to log on and die. So it could be real, but likely it is not. But it would still be fun to hang in a head collection and have people freak out that you have his head haha. :p
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