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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xHaro_Der, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. I've been here for just a few days over a month, and I was wondering if I'm 'slow', 'average', or 'quick' at this..

    So can anyone get me a rough estimate of a good balance that you should have after one month of gameplay? Just wanted to give myself a good idea of how I'm doing :rolleyes:
  2. If you vote on all the voting websites (click here) , then you can get around 1000 rupees per day. You can also achieve more money with shops and other things. This is a wonderfully put guide on how to make money.
  3. I had roughly 200 rupees at that point.
    Over a year and a half later, I still only have 4k.
    I have never had more than 25k.
  4. That's.. true but not what I asking :p

    EDIT: Just saw Jacob's post lol
  5. I had 39,049 rupees after one month of playing, I also had a pretty cheap shop, and occasionally voted.
  6. I had around 10k at that point. After a little over a year I have a little over 100k and at one point I had about 325k.
  7. Then I'm semi-ontrack lol :p
  8. The average amount of money you have at one month can't really be measured. If you are a rupee hourder and vote every day then you are fairly rich. If you spend rupees you would have less. There is no average rupees for a month since everyones play styles are unique. I had maybe 2 k at a month but that is because it was a 600 days or so ago and the value of a rupee was a lot more. I also only used the empire shop and rarely went into the wild.