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  1. When you first join EMC, you're put in town with 1500 rupees to do whatever you want with. However, when you're all spent out, often people aren't sure how to get more. Well, here's a few ways!

    Daily Bonus
    Every day that you login* you get some free rupees, the amount depending on your group.
    Free - 100r
    Iron - 400r
    Gold - 700r
    Diamond - 1300r
    *supporters get their daily bonus even if they don't login

    Voting doesn't just support the Empire, but also nets you some extra rupees. When you start voting, you'll earn 900r if you vote on all sites. However, if you keep up a voting streak by voting every day, you'll soon be able to earn up to 1100r a day! Some extra voting rewards are available for anyone who keeps up an exceptionally long streak (such as 4500r!).

    Mine in the Wastelands
    The Wastelands is full of resources ready to be mined by everyone (and most of all, all the stuff there is free). Grab some tools, food, and equip some armor and go out on a wild adventure! Then when you're done, transport your stuff back to town, and make a shop to sell them in. Whenever someone asks who sells an item you sell in chat, let them know of your res number (although be careful not to spam). The amount of rupees you earn is completely up to you, and how much effort you put into it.

    Sell to MegaMalls
    As well as making your own shop, you can also sell anything you mine to large malls. These shops basically are very large, and will buy and sell your items, at prices they set. Mega malls include 413 (SMP1), 4005 (SMP2), and 10199 (SMP5). Remember that not all mega malls will buy all items though.

    Farm in Town
    Everyone has a res, and if you wish you can build a farm on it. Farms you can make include:
    • Plants - pumpkins, melons, wheat, carrots, potatos
    • Animals - pigs, cows, mooshrooms, chickens
    • Resources - wool (using sheep) - note that iron farms do not work in town
    There are also some public farms that people have built. These include 1605 (SMP1 - free wool farm), 3512 (SMP2 - plants) and 5222 (Utopia - plants). The people who build these are epic, so make sure you say thanks to them! You can then sell the resources you get to a mega mall, or at your own shop.

    Sell Enchantments
    Whether you grind at a spawner, or just happen to get a lot of XP when mining, enchantments can often be worth quite a lot of money - especially when sold in mass. Another great way to get enchanted items (along with other items) is to trade with villagers - you can also make a villager farm to get more villager eggs.
  2. Your Tips!
    Got a tip you think should be added? Post below, and watch it appear here*!
    *After I notice
  3. Money Making DON'TS
    While these things might seem like a great way of making money, they're not. Don't do them.
    • Beg in town chat. It's annoying, and pointless.
    • Steal or grief, it's plain not allowed.
  4. Cough cough 5222.

    Otherwise, very nice guide!
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  5. 2321 is a semi public farm (Has Melon and Pumkin auto farms), Although you can sign up for free to make money from farming.
  6. Added, as you were first. :p
    I don't want too many there, but will be posting a "Free Community Farms" topic soon, so will add it there when it's up. :)
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  7. If only more of the newer players used the Forums as much, this would be way more helpful. But it's good :)
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  8. You missed out Auctions. They can get you a LOT of money at times.
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  9. Build a tree with a sapling, and cut it down. (repeat for a while). sell to shop(s). +r
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  10. I fully support this idea! With the fact that your not making a giant tree then tearing it down then doing it again...
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  11. Sorry to bump, but I seriously need a free community farms topic now, lol.
  12. Make a shop (start off small then big) log into Emc even if you arent going to play, just so that you can the bonus r amount
  13. Maybe update voting to say earn 900r and soon be able to earn 1,200r?
  14. Tip: Don't blow your initial 1500 at the Empire Shop. Take the time to find good shops on your server, and you'll save a ton. Most new players don't get to see the price difference until after they've checked out /shop.
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  15. Completely forgot about this...

    *moves to Official Guides*
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  17. Well I guess that bump helped. Win.
  18. I'm sorry for bumping this, but, I was wondering if I could make a renewed guide with some more detail on other parts of the economy, and also the variation of jobs. ;3 Thanks ~Brick
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  19. Which parts? There's tons of economy threads 0.0
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  20. You know, the parts :p
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