Just thought I need to vent a little.

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  1. Okay, today, I got 'jumped'.
    The act of getting 'jumped' is when a gang of people beats you up in the middle of a street or somewhere like that. Moving on, I guess?

    This happened at about 2:55, 5 minutes after I left school. I made a joke about somebody in my year who I used to be good friends with, but this year they've began to get mad at me and stuff. Alot.
    I said that they have an 'emo' hairstyle, because their fringe went over their left eye, which me and my friends thought looked emo-ish. One of my friends, as usual, had to tell her what I said and she can't take a joke for a joke. She went mental at me in the middle of the cafeteria, twice, and after school did that again.
    I was walking along a path with my friend (a different one), and some chav in my year said
    "What happened with [person's name here] just then?"
    My friend started explaining, then, BAM! Chav kid has my friend in the headlock, and threw him at the front of a car, luckily the car was going about 3MPH when my friend got hit, so it didn't do a thing. My friend threw the chav onto the floor and ran off, and got chased by two year 10s from a different school. He went into someone's house for protection, leaving me with these gorms who later beat me up.

    So, I was talking to the person who I said had an emo hairstyle, and she said not to tell anybody. I swore down 'on my life' not to tell the school (which I was going to regardless of what she said) and some other kid (who hasn't hit puberty yet...and is 13...just thought i'd point this out, since he thinks he's hard and stuff) said he 'deserved' it. I responded with this:
    "He DESERVED getting battered, right next to a road, for no reason at all? Yeah, because he definitely [Swear here] deserved that you little [swear here]. Please, go kill yourself you little midget pre-pubescent thirteen year old, thinking he's a big man and stuff. Go and do society a favor and *pointing at the town bridge* go over there, climb on that bridge, and jump in the river mersey you little gimp"
    He ran off. The girl I said who had an emo hairstyle went home. I was 'at peace'.

    For a few minutes.

    A group of five year 9s (14 year olds), and three year 10s (they were cheering the chav on...) threw me onto the floor when I was at a bus stop and started kicking me. It left no physical marks but there's a crapton of mud all over my polo shirt. It didn't hurt very much but it ticked me off, so I chucked one off his bike and and threw the bike at another one of them, and knocked him over. I pushed one over to get to the bridge that gave me a crossing over the expressway and legged it to the mall - where they wouldn't attack me. Then my phone had no credit but I tried to call my mum.

    I was going to call the police because me and my friend were assaulted... but for some odd reason, I decided not to.
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  2. .. you seem to have the worst luck :( why people so mean to everyone?
    though, this part made me chuckle a little bit, but telling the kid to go kill himself was a bit harsh :(

    have you ever told your parents about all these things you tell us? me, being a parent, and if my son would come home and tell me that something like this happened.. i'd be quite angry and hunt the children down.
    lol lookout! battmeghs is on the loose!
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  3. There's a lot of motha*swear here*a's aren't there?
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  4. sometimes.. ones language needs to be colorful :3
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  5. Here, this might cheer you up;
  6. I was angreh. Leave meh alone :p
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  7. You handled that situation wrong, i must say. You should've said "There was no reason for that" or "No, he didn't" Then walked away. No offense, but you kinda had that beating coming to you for what harsh things you said.
  8. Actually, no, I didn't.

    Also, what 'beating'? It didn't even hurt.
  9. When you said the kids kicked you :3
    it was still a beating, they were trying to physically hurt you
  10. You always seem to be getting into trouble :p
  11. personally...
    I would have ran and screamed like a little girl....
  12. Yes... trying :p
    I'M A REBEL.
    Deal with it.
    My head of year phoned home and asked if I was OK :3
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  13. Battmegghs watching over the poor, the weak, the innocent, continued on saturday & friday nights at 5 only on the forums.
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  14. Did you read the part where his friend got thrown in front of a car because he made a comment about hair?!?
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  15. You could say his soul was getting punished... YEAHHHHH!
  16. If 7 older guys teaming up can't hurt you, I think you should be able to kick some

    If I lived in the same neighborhood, I'd have help you put up more of a fight. If they try and do it again you should try knocking one of them out. If they don't I would just go about my day.
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  17. Yes, and that kid who threw him infront of the car ALSO took that the wrong way, but there is no reason for soul to act like that back to them. And visa versa
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  18. Sorry, I can't count today. I just came from school and had Trigonometry last period.
  19. I agree, telling him to go kill himself was bit over the top and if my future son would do that I would do some horrible things that I swore not to do to my kids, but if I was in the position he was, I wouldnt have yelled I'd have knocked him out. There is no excuse for throwing someone in front of a moving vehicle or any vehicle for that matter, and then acting like it was alright, no excuse.