Just some old ideas [My map-making stuff :P]

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  1. A while ago, I used to map-make. Some of you have already noticed my [smp3] islands and vast knowledge of minecraft mechanics. Fortunately for me, EMC already hosts most of my ideas in its server witch really makes this easier of me. This is just a list of ideas that have yet to be implemented or isn't planed. All of these, I have been able to make in Vanilla minecraft.

    ~ Firework cannon~
    Somewhat like a grenade launcher, the firework cannon shoots a display of fireworks that eventually land many meters away and explode, dealing no damage to the terrain, mobs, or the users firework supply.

    ~ Confetti ballz~
    Same as fire work cannons, but thrown :D

    ~Seasonal /monthly custom spawns and drops~
    This concept has only ever been used by the MojangAB developers them self (April fools, Halloween undead, etc.) o_o
    Every couple months a Custom mob is added, but one mob is removed. (Ex: Hockey guy for winter replaces leaf golem for fall.) I have no influence on the developers of this server unless you say so, so good luck :D

    ~ Moaters ~
    Idk, the pretty cannons that shoot high over walls.
    This idea was merely an accident. Spawn a Ghast fireball riding a snowball/ potion/ enderperall riding a endercrystal.
    To use it, punch the fireball in the direction below a mob, and, when its position is locked, break the crystal. The Fireball will be launched high in the air and sudenly change direction towards the target.
    When I used this, I used some summoning trick with maps or custom potions. You guys can go crazy :D

    ~Boots of the Explorer~
    These are simply boots with an attribute of Speed +15%. It helps tons with exploration.

    Natural Events
    Maybe some description is required :/
    Natural events are NOT mini-games that you get prizes. They occur on a randomized, rare basis and may include invasions and custom weather events.

    ~Flash Floods~
    There is heavy rains- flashes of thunder every now and then and-wait - water blocks from the sky? Similarly to the meteorites, someone can simply create a rain detection system and attach it to a randomizer and the randomizer to something that spawns falling water blocks. More deadly than it seems.

    ~Acid Rains~
    Its not really acid, its poison XD. Its pretty much the same concept as the last thing, just deadlier. Say NO to pollution.
    ~Frostbitten Mobs~
    After I saw the Enraged mobs, I thought there should be a nether counterpart that tries to kill them when they are introduced to one another. I haven't figured out a way for them to kill each other in vanilla ,but common, people could hold boxing events where people bet on the sides.
    I didn't get too much time to think about this one, but they could inflict a slowness and wither effect rater than fire and speed.

    ~ Slime men~
    You heard me, Slime people. As in packs of mutated zombies that split up when killed (babies), and grow into massive giants when aggravated further. HA HA HA, your screwed XD. This can be simply accomplished by making 0.9 sized smiles ride normal and baby zombies. I believe 10 sized slimes and ghasts fit giants swell. I managed the shape-shifting part with command blocks so... good luck?

    ~Angered Trees~
    I don't necessarily know if this is possible for the Emc developers. Infact, I stole the mechanics of this directly of this YouTube video. Sorry guys, but its super laggy and really cool XD
    Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2wdb_SAYmI

    ~ Meteorite mobs~
    Taken directly from Terraria, Meteorite mobs spawn on the surface of the world near sky limit. They fly similarly to blazes and shoot smaller fireballs towards the player. This can be used as some sort of enraged blaze or something. The effect is caused by a Ghast fireball riding a invisible, fast, overpowered blaze.

    ~ Meteorites~
    Not to much too this one. Have falling sand disguised as fire and another falling sand disguised as an ore hurtle to the ground, leaving a moderate fiery mark where it lands. This is hilarious to see, TRUST ME.

    Upcoming Dungeons

    ~Crystal creepers~
    This just makes ender crystals have a HUGE blasting radius, and ride invisible charged creepers. (Invisible charged creepers are cool looking :p) I thought this wouldn't work previously, mostly because tile entities crash the game when moved from their block. Guess that doesn't apply to ender crystals.

    ~ Weird Nether-fruit~
    Yeh... Hard to explain...
    Run the command '/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:melon_stem 15' while over tilled soil to place nether-fruit. Use '/give @p minecraft:melon_stem 1 15 to get the item'.

    Other Stuff

    ~Horse Meat~ Food~
    I've been complaining 'bout this for a long while. Kill a horse- get horse meat, I mean, c'mon that's not hard, is it?. Horse meat gives 3 hunger but also gives the hunger effect. Horse meat is dropped allot more often then other drops.
    Your gunna add it, your gunna add it...

    ~Spawners~ Craft-able items~
    Plop 4 dragon stones, 4 iron bars, and a head down, you get your own spawner. I have no idea how the server admin made the dragon stone craft-able, but it is cool. :D

    ~Sheilds of the Dragon~
    A dragon stone surrounded by wood gets you a shield that negates knock-back and grants you an extra row of hearts. Like the Boots of the Explorer. The shield also uses item attributes.
    It this to Op?

    ~~~Witch Craft ~~~
    Yah heard me, witchcraft. No, not a promo, a balanced, survival situation witchcraft. Hears how I did it in a vanilla world:

    ~Witches Porta-Wandstand~
    This is the bread and butter of my witchery ideas. When I made this, it was a static brewing stand with many command blocks detecting items in specific slots. The stand is then replaced when the player leaves the brewing inventory, after putting a correct recipe, and when reentered, the top slot is now filled with the product.

    In Emc this can really just be a brewing stand item like the laborers bench. You open is and get the brewing stand inventory except, you put crafting ingredients at the bottom and the product comes out the top as previously said.

    Each wand has a different ability, some can mine and some can freeze mobs. To craft wands, I had a coal renamed dragon stone, a specific wood for pretty particle effects, and a specific material for the ability. The 'wand' was actually a snowball in the vanilla world, but I've seen some servers use slime-balls as grenades, so it shouldn't be a problem for the Emc developers.

    Thank you for reading my topic. Don't worry, I'm somewhat a fast typer :)
    If I manage to squeeze out any more ideas, I would post it in this topic.

    One more thing!!!
    I'm creating a collaboration of all these things in a world download for you guys to see my ideas. Remember, all these things can be made in vanilla minecraft.

    ~Fen (Swamp Peoples) Neff
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  2. Are you sure there is no E-mail?

    I don't really really appreciate the reliability download sites. Plus I have trouble putting stuff on them :I
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  4. Thank you :)
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  5. Some of this stuff seems legit. Though not very vanilla.. But I guess EMC is Vanilla with sprinkles. And maybe chocolate chips. And some chocalate. And a ba- You get it?
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  6. I believe somebody said that somebody said that somebody said that Aikar is leaning to go away from Vanilla.
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  7. I realized that when I had no idea what happened to EMC when I came back.
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  8. One question, you said Emc is based of in game mechanics? How did you get the laborer bench to work? How did you get the any promo to work? Head drops? Enraged mobs and bosses? The upcoming dungeons?

    The fact that these can't even be made anywhere in minecraft without custom plugins is exactly why I'm on this server.

    As I have said before, if you guys can make these, you can make my ideas work too :)
  9. _____________________________________________________________________________
    Oh, you already said that XD
  10. Umm terraria... No... Just no
    It almost put an end to minecraft for me :(, but it was fun... Just got old fast :p
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  11. I love how everyone is comedic on this server :p

    I feel like I'm a loaner - New member <: (
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  12. Yes. Just yes
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  13. Being new, you probably don't realize how divisive June's Survival Update was at the time.
    This was the update that added Enraged Mobs, minibosses (Momentus, Marlix) and their drops, as well as upping the difficulty in the wild from Easy to Normal. Many people did enjoy this update, most others either learned to deal with it or simply left. I was (and to a large degree, still am) one of the folks who didn't enjoy it - to this day I still refer to it as the "Terraria Update," and not in a complimentary sense.
    [/history lesson]

    Bottom line, expect a certain amount of negativity if pulling ideas from Terraria, or focusing on combat for combat's sake.

    To be fair, some of these ideas are genuinely pretty good. "Moaters" (I think you mean mortars) would be pretty intriguing as some kind of event device or mechanic. And honestly, I think the idea of a meteorite has merit (provided it could be coded so as not to land on or near any existing structures). It'd be pretty neat to see a flaming rock fall from the sky, spawn a pool of meteor "ore" and their associated mob-type - assuming they weren't coded to be obnoxiously overpowered. It would need to add something to actual gameplay to be worthwhile, however.
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  14. Give into the survival update... You must give in... You must give in.......
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  15. I created the Firework Launchers and the Confetti Ballz in vanilla :p
    Hate mapmaking again :p
  16. For the record, I'm not exactly new. I've seen all the bosses previously mentioned in a survival scenario. I helped kill some of these bosses, and although I'm not entirely 'rich' I have a fair amount of rare things. My EMC account was giving me some trouble since I joined so I couldn't get much done on the forums. Thx for your concerns tho :D

    Yeh, the meteor thing wasn't directly from Terraria, I was just reminded of the meteor thing when I was typing it up :p You are also correct about me misspelling Mortars. Everything besides the Boss idea and Horse meat has been tested in a vanilla world. The meteors should deal no damage to the terrain besides a random lit ore on the surface of the world and it spawning random, somewhat powerful mobs. Maybe, to make it worth your while, meteors can spawn miniature dungeon scenarios with alien loot or something. I have been planing a special shield that doubles your overall health and negates knock-back soo...

    Overall point- If I can do it in a Vanilla world, the developers of the server can most definitely do it in their somewhat modified servers if they chose to do so.

    Once again, thx for your concerns. :)
  17. Why would horse meat give you hunger?
  18. Idk, people are always complaining how horse meat is so bad for you. I guess it just fit :p
  19. Just a little update, I finished the Witchery stuff, the trees, meteors, and flash floods all in vanilla.
    If someone adds at least one thing to EMC I'll be so happy XD
  20. Imma go ahead and follow u. mmkay