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  1. I moved back to smp8. I started there, and then I moved to smp2, but, well, smp2 got boring fast. So, I'm coming back to smp8, so if you want to talk to me, I'll be rambling with some peeps that are talking about randomized stuff.

  2. Hiii and welcome back :3
    Smp8 welcomes you with marriage fish *wet slap* >.>
  3. Hey, I'm already married, and I'm not fully prepared for mormonism yet. xD
  4. So this isn't an introduction, but just general info. :p
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  5. Welcome, I guess... :p
  6. Smp4 is better, should have moved there :p
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  7. #smp4rules
  8. No No, SMP1 rules...
  9. You don't know half of what smp8 is like. :p