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  1. Hi everyone, long time no see!

    After experiencing a power surge during a storm, my computer (and most of the stuff in my house) was fried. It took a long time for the insurance to finally cut me a check to replace everything. A TV, my computer, router, washing machine, fridge, and my monitors were the biggest things that got destroyed. Anyway, it's all replaced now and I can play EMC again!!

    So, I've found some new motivation to build up my skyscraper now. It's taken a long time, and I've gone through several design changes as well. Right now I want to focus most on finishing the exterior. I'm going to need about one DC of quartz, so it'll take a while. I'm also going to need a few DC's of glass, wood, and stone as well.

    After that, I am going to finish my shop. Honestly, I have no idea if I will ever stock it and open it, but it'll be good to have one on the property. It won't be a huge mall or anything, but big enough to stock the necessities and hopefully bring in a good income.

    Then, lastly, I am going to tackle the basement. Right now, it's a mess. There's giant holes, random chests of dirt, water flowing through areas, and lots of terribly designed farm areas. I am not going to completely tear it down, but it is going to go through some very serious modification. Hopefully after that it will be usable. I am also going to expand my auto sorter and double my capacity in my mega oven.

    If anyone would like to sell me supplies, help out, or trade, please PM me. Some jobs that need to be done include:

    • Hollowing out my res
    • Going through and moving chests to make room for farms.
    • Building a giant spiral staircase about 100 blocks high
    • Organizing all of my items in my warehouse
    • Putting together chests of items I no longer need, so I can sell them
    Oh, I almost forgot. I might try to get another res so I can build a house on it and sell it. I haven't read the rules on this yet so I still have to check and see if it's legal here on EMC.
  2. Welcome Back!
    You can get Senior Staff to clear the dirt from your residence if you need your residence hollowed out.
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  3. First
    Glad to see you back I recognize you :D
    Glad you were able to replace everything ^-^

    Darn potato ninj'd me lol
  4. Welcome back :)
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  5. Welcome back to the Empire minecraft :)
    This is legal, there is a command to do that, I'm not sure, but I think it starts with /res :p
  6. I feel for you. That was a big drag. I don't know what smp you are on but I'm on 5. If you contact me when I am not afk I will have a couple things for you.
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  7. I thought residences reset when they transferred owners. It could be that it's been changed, though.
  8. It has been. Both parties need to be on when ownership is exchanged and it'll cost both parties 25k to do so. Not to mention the price the one player acquiring the residence has offered to pay the seller for it.
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  9. I know, but it's not all dirt and some of what's down there I actually want to keep.

    Thanks to everyone else for the warm welcomes!
  10. I might be able to help you with some of the organization stuff
  11. Hi AbstarctToast. Welcome back. Yes Insurance Companies can be slow. :rolleyes: Glad that it went well for you. :)
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  12. Anyway, I'm glad you're back!
  13. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcomes! Has anyone used the residence selling feature yet?