Just because Drop Party And Giveaway/AMA

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  1. As the title suggests this Drop Party is just because i want to have one i have yet to decide a date but will be in November

    to enter the Giveaway all you have to do is ask me a question about anything and i will use Random.Org to decide who wins i am not able to get on right now but when i do i will put up what i am giving away

    Alright so i am giving away for the Giveaway a Belac555 head and a Liberty sword

    Make sure to go donate to my drop party at my res i now have a donation chest
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  2. What is your favorite thing to do on EMC?

    {Is there a limit to the questions or is it one per person?}
  3. Do you like cheese (and if so which is your favourite)?
  4. Hey thanks for this :)

    What is your favorite EMC event and why?
  5. 1.Talk to other people and interact with peoples

    2.as many questions as you want

    either Swiss or American

    I Love the All of them lol but my favourite is the Fire-Floor one because it's totally random who wins
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  6. What is your favorite promo?

    Thanks for this!
  7. What is your favorite style of MC building?
  8. What is your favorite thing to build?
  9. How did you find EMC?
    And what block is your favorite?
  10. would have to be the 500k faranheit bow

    i honestly have not got one as i like all kinds

    1.Honestly i think i was just looking for servers that i hadn't tried and The Empire popped up and it sounded cool so i tried it and have been here ever since

    2.would have to be the sponge block i have no idea why tho
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  11. what are your plans for your future on EMC?
  12. What's your biggest fear?

    Who are your top 3 friends on emc? (doesnt have to be me :p)
  13. i want to start getting on more and become supporter so i can build a massive casino building

    1.Spiders absolutly spiders

    2.hmmm probably Cakecrafter22 then you and then Carfryer
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  14. bumbity bump bump
  15. What is your least favorite thing to deal with on EMC?
  16. *whispers* me
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  17. I bet you are his favorite thing to deal with... ;):D:cool:
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  18. Ty for the giveaway, and hope I can make it to your drop party! :D

    Do you play any games besides MC? :)
  19. either lava cause ugh i hate dying in lava or the system reclaiming my res i mean i understand why it did it as i hadn't played for a couple months but still..

    even though i'm quoting these i still am not going to dignify these with responses lol :):cool:

    i hope you can too

    and i play lots of other games mainly ummm Age Of Empire,Wizard1o1/pirate1o1,and Zelda Breath Of The Wild
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