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  1. I wanted to post this so I can prevent some of you from picking up malware or malicious software and losing your computers. I'm lucky that I had Chrome or my computer would have been infected. One day, I wanted to look on Brickfactory for some old Lego instructions when Chrome detected malware and wouldn't let me use that site. So I told SILVERMAN2 about it. He did some research and found this page: SafeWhateverThisIsByGoogleAndStuffPageWithInfo. I looked it over and found out that Brickfactory was currently the most dangerous site. Comments/complaints?
  2. Everyone's got to be careful to where they go to on the internet. Me and Panda got a lot of information from wikia, just to find out that it put a virus on our laptop. Luckily the laptop was fixed, but never trust certain sites you don't truly know. :)
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  3. On my windows that I recently had gotten fixed, I went to sites that I thought were safe, Disney sites, Mojang sites, I never went to sites I thought were unsafe. But I still got a virus. So I am against using windows because it's so easy to get a virus.
  4. I suggest using System Restore for Windows I don't know if it's on Mac, it won;t get rid of the virus but will slow it down long enough for you to get what you want to off of your comp and then wipe it.
  5. Thanks for the warning.
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  6. It is really easy to get a virus on a Windows computer, but there are easy ways around that, too. I use Chrome, which will prevent me from going on an unsafe website, and I got AdBlock, which takes ads off the page so I have less of a chance of getting a virus.
  7. Some helpful advise when browsing the Internet would be to take a second to analyse anything that pops up. This includes what looks like windows. I have seen stuff that pop up and say stuff like computer infected while browsing the Internet.at first it looks legit but looking closer you can see that it is a fake thing that some ad popped up. If you have windows 8 then I would recommend using the metro Internet browser. This ensures that any of those windows that pop up are fake since you aren't in desktop.
  8. I have used windows for like 8 years and have never gotten a virus... That succeeded >: ) I'm just too boss.
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  9. You are a ninja after all...
  10. Its easy to get a virus on anything. All you have to do is download it. The only thing to blame when getting a virus is the user. How did your computer get fixed from the previous virus?
  11. Ima go to the site.... Mac = No Virus (Except 7 of them ) :p
  12. pls take a Screenshot?
  13. If I go there I will :p
  14. I got malware once...
    Luckily my uncle fixes computers ;)
  15. What is Brickfactory?
  16. Viruses can be triggered by being on the same page as a malicious ad, which often explains why trustworthy sites can infect your PC. Keep your antivirus up to date and you should be fine, and perhaps supplement it with MalwareBytes.
  17. It doesn't depend on windows, you just have to choose a good virus scanner, like AVG, and a good browser, like google chrome.
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  18. I personally don't like AVG. Resource hog (last time I used it), and if you aren't careful, it will change your settings and make it difficult to go back to how you like it.

    There is a reason that guy is a blogger, and its not because his article is quality (it isn't). His argument revolves around the merged web address and search bar, which Firefox has, and I believe Opera has it to. If he is going to avoid a simple feature like that, he might as well retreat to IE and hide from the evolution of programs for the rest of his life.
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