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  1. What makes your session on Empire Minecraft perfect?

    (RIP Lou Reed)
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  2. Mumble and weird occasions like RainbowChin destroying the spawn on SMP1 and killing me yesterday.
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  3. Doing something productive, like building a farm or a cool house or something.
  4. Events.
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  5. <3 Lou Reed

    but as for the question, any time I spend on EMC where everything stays positive and fun is a huge win

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  6. making to much money
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  7. I love to stalk the new players in the waste. They often have no clue that I'm mining a few blocks from them because I'm a super ninja but once they hear me, I can feel the hair on the back of their neck stand up. thats when I break through the roof of their tunnel and jump down "HI!!!!!!!" oh man I laugh, they cry we have a good ole time. I always give a stack of enderpearls to make them feel better. hehe.

    Anytime there is convo in T chat is a plus. Getting something accomplished is like... well I don't remember the last time that really happened, a month ago maybe.

    Highlancer you can't have my girl!!! teehee
  8. Killing a Momentus... no, two Momentus... no no, make it three!
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  9. The easy answer: having fun while playing.

    The longer answer: it depends. There are lots of activities which I really enjoy doing. Still, out of all of them there's one thing I like best: cave exploration. I've done this lots of times, both in single player as well as on the Empire and it never stops to amaze me what kind of amazing structures Minecraft manages to generate. Sure: if you've done it as often as I have you'll start to notice similarities, for example the gaping, almost bottomless, chasms (most often found in Extreme Hills biomes). Or what to think of the snow topped mountains in the Extreme Hills+ biomes?

    But beyond those similarities you can always find randomly generated stuff. And that's what keeps it exciting and interesting for me. Gold veins, diamonds, iron... One day you'll wander around for half an hour (if not longer) and you'll haul in stacks of iron, plenty of gold and even some diamonds and maybe emeralds. And another time all you get is lots of coal, bones and arrows and optionally some gunpowder and rotting flesh (maybe a mob head on EMC as an added bonus).

    I've found plenty of abandoned mineshafts on EMC, even a stronghold once (which unfortunately had been raided already). Next waste reset (or maybe the one after that) I hope to finally find a library to raid on my own (or together with my friends of course!).

    Other than that... Mob hunts, fighting Momentus every once in a while, building on my residence, survival play on SMP9 wastelands and most of all: lots and lots of redstone tinkering.
  10. Playing with friends.
    Hangin' with staff.
    Building and mining.
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  11. Upsetting Aikar by calling him the wrong name, building shenanigans with fortune_v, Fdny car talks, and deathtomb8953 rudeness
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  12. I've discovered more and more that my favorite feature is the chat. Chatting on EMC is very free, in a sense. Every discussion I see is friendly, unique, colorful, and downright enjoyable. And of course as cliche as it is, we all know that it is our amazing community that makes the chat this way, just like it keeps the forums awesome.

    I also quite enjoy when I build something and people actually enjoy it. :p Most of my builds seem to come out blocky and uncreative, so when I spend time building something, and people notice it in a positive way, it makes me smile a bit inside.
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  13. I do enjoy talking on EMC, both in-game and on forums, got to love the community! So much about this server that I love, but the thing that has kept me is all of you guys :)
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  14. Talking to the community both in game and on mumble, it really makes my day to be honest.
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  15. Horse Breeding! :)
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  16. Trolling Mr Aikat.
  17. Talk, help and just have fun with Everyone on the server :D. Did I mention also starting a debat of something... That's fun
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  18. Being a squid and doing squid things.
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