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  1. Hi gang!

    My name is ShelLuser, I am a Minecraft addict and I like redstone. Oh wait, this isn't redstone anonymous? My bad! sorry, I am pretty much an EMC newbie afterall (gotta use the excuse while I still can ;-)).

    Nah, thing is; in the weekends I often like to rant a little on the forums. I can't anymore on the server I was from (its why I found this) and well.... Oh; and not because I got blocked or anything; but because the "fun forums" (as I call 'm) aren't there anymore. My previous server is looking at an overhaul to 1.8, which consists of a full map wipe and other nasty stuff. Amongst with.. removing (or temporarily removing) forums which were so much fun....

    But... Lets not get too offtopic. I just want to share how impressed I am with the server. Just when I thought there wasn't any option to find a more mature server (read: "log on, introduce yourself, get 3 admins following you all the way"). No fun, seriously. And then this popped up.

    So after I discovered you guys I was sorta hooked.

    I come from a server which a previous MC owner / developer who's name starts with a N tweeted about. If that's too vague then its good enough because that is as far as I'll take it.

    For reasons which are my own I left, all friendly, and I am in desperate need for something else. Enter the Empire.

    Isn't there a saying: "The empire strikes back?". Oh wait: that's umpire, and I am mixing up sci-fi ;)

    Oh man, I needed this, so badly ;)

    I'd add a few funny pictures but all I have is offtopic stuff so that will have to wait until I am not so much a newbie ;)

    Even so: thanks for the very warm welcome, I love it!

    Look; my friend (Shiyvah) and me come from the same server. It even used Xenforo (don't bother if this doesn't ring a bell). And I have to say that I am utterly impressed with the sheer amount of freedom we have here!

    Look; sure we asked some questions, newbies do that. But without anyone's help we're now also neighbors in a town ('town world' ?) ("the one with the /park") without anyone's help. No offense, no details but from where we come from this would have been impossible.

    ...Unless you had the right friends (first and only sneer I shall make here).

    (yes, there is a little bad blood so to speak but the both of us know better. no worries, but I gotta vent a little bit).

    Guys; awesomeness! I even won my first horse race ;) How cool is that?

    I had a good 6 months at the previous server (I think my friend spend 2 or 3 years) but we kinda had it. I told Shiy about this place, so far she likes it, awesomeness!

    And that concludes my rant for the weekend, hoping I didn't overdo it.

    (if I did; please trust me on one thing: this was a vent for me, an outlet. I love it, and I need it from time to time).

    Edit: but obviously I don't mean any disrespect. If this is out of place then I will obviously comply with the rules.

    Sincerely, Shell.
  2. I thought a rant was supposed to be something negative... I honestly don't really know what a rant is :p
    The problem I see in your post is that you're rambling a bit, it isn't really clear what you're trying to say.
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  3. That works for me.

    When I wrote this up I had to blow off some steam and now that I'm re-reading this I suppose I could have worded some things a bit different. Lets just say that there are people out there who took offense to this. And to be honest I can see where it's coming from (and no; I'm not going to comment on that).

    For me this rant, or rambling (also a good one!) marks the end of a chapter. A good chapter with a turbulent ending.

    And yes, I tried really hard to make sure that this didn't turn into a bashing (that's how I'd describe a more negative rant myself) and thus I'm very happy with your post; it re-assures me that from an outsiders perspective I didn't go too far.

    Which really means a lot to me. Now why can't I give 2 likes? ;) I know!

    Time for plan b ;)
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  4. Oooo, if what you say is true, then you my dear friend have ended up on smp2, my original home server =)

    (I'm the one that took over spawn area with Doctor Who builds)

    Anywho, once again welcome to the Empire. I hope you and your friends find it to your liking. If you have any suggestions, feel free to message me privately or make a suggestion thread if you want to share the idea with all of EMC.
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