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  1. Hey guys! As most of the people on SMP7 know I have a giveaway it's been closed for about a month since I've been filling up chests and remodeling, but after some thinking I decided to change things up a bit. I will no longer give access to everyone on my chests instead I will host mini games every weekend on my res for a chance to give everyone an EQUAL chance of getting cool items ranging from very common to rare items. Every weekend will be a different mini game that I have created on my res. Everyone from every server is invited. The day of the giveaway mini games I'll post here to let everyone know when it's about to begin. Lastly I'd like to say that just because I've changed things does not mean that you can't still get things from me for free. Everything in my chests are still available to you as long as its in stock and I'm online. Also if you have any ideas for mini games message me :)
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  2. Was at the first one, and will definitely be at this one if I can :).
  3. Heh.
    Free stuff.
    Got a marlix tunic and boots? >the last items i need for my promo collection to be finished...<
    And/or got zombie viruses? >now that i'm gonna re-open my rave i'll basically be giving them out...<
  4. Hi! I do have a few zombie viruses some of them will be used in my first mini game so its random on who will receive it. You can come this weekend and try and see if you can find some or you can just tell me about how many you need and i'll go and set some aside for you whenever i come across some on my "adventures" haha :)
  5. I will come
  6. awesome! I'm thinking it will be this Saturday not sure what time yet though.
  7. Hm, I might be able to come. It needs to be at just the right time though, which it probably won't be, as I'm European.
  8. what times are you usually on EMC time on Saturdays?
  9. 10:00am-6:00pm lol that my usual time or 6:00pm-12:00pm lol
  10. Can't wait to play
  11. Hey everyone! I finished setting up the mini game room ! So I think I'll host the game tonight (time to be determined) I'll be sure to post here to let you guys know when it's about to start. So here's the description of the game and the rules:

    The name of this game is Pit Fall. When you first teleport to my res you will be in a room standing behind wood gates. In front of you on the other side of the gates will be many pits. At bottom of the pits are chests filled with many items ranging from very common-rare. At the count of 3 I will pull a lever allowing everyone to run into the pits! You are allowed to take whatever you want from these chests! But here's the catch. The pits are too deep! once you're in a pit you cannot jump out...Unlesss you teleport back to my res behind the gate again. You have one minute to grab as many things as you want. When the minute is over I will close the gates. This will allow everyone to run home and empty their inventory and then come back for 2 more rounds! After each round will be a minute rest period to allow everyone enough time to go home and come back. You do not need to take everything or anything from the first chest you drop down to because there are many chest around you but every time you re-teleport to my res you risk missing out on items that others can get to first! If you see someone already in a pit try not to jump down there but if you happen to fall in a pit with someone already in it you are allowed to take stuff from that chest it won't be considered stealing because nothing in the chest belongs to them because it is NOT in their inventory it is on MY res.
    I hope you guys have fun! Next week I'll have a totally different game for you guys to play :)
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  12. Give us a 10 minute warning forum post please :eek:
  13. Hey guys tonight at 8pm EMC time I will have the mini game! /v jossytheninja if you'd like to play!
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  14. Remember to turn off enderpearl flag, and make an overhang above pits so people can't block-glitch out!
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  15. Thank you to everyone who came! Next weekend will be a different game or a more updated version of Pit Fall! :)
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  16. Sorry there was no Giveaway mini game this weekend that passed! I was in the hospital :\ The last 2 years have been crazy for me but luckily the passed 2 months we've been able to figure out more with what's wrong and hopefully soon I'll be back to normal! This weekend coming up I will try to have a mini game prepared for you guys but it's also my birthday weekend so it'll probably just be something small. I'll keep you guys updated!