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  1. Hey guys! Sometimes, like last night, there are things that happen out of our control that can make the EMC website go down for an unknown time. This time, was the fact that there were some issues with the server company we host the website on. When things like this happen, we will always keep you as updated as possible using our Facebook and Twitter page. To make sure you're always in the loop, make sure you "Like" and "Follow" us respectively. :)

    Click Here For Facebook


    Click Here For Twitter
  2. There's also occasionally free rupees there. :)
  3. Who are the admins of the Facebook page?
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  4. Same as on EMC. :)
  5. Oooh, nice.This will prove helpful in the future when I immediately conclude DDoS every time the site is down. Now if only I hadn't completely boycotted these sites... just have to remember them I guess...
  6. So that's why I couldn't get on the website!
    I thought it was just my phone being derpy... :confused:
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  7. Yaya im on first page :D
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  8. Wow the posts on these topics definitely come fast.. Anyways I'll check it out.
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  9. Ive followed the facebook forever, but uh.... screw twitter lol.
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  10. I would like to follow, or like... but I don't have a twitter or facebook account. But who says I want one! :p I'll check out the facebook page, of course. :)
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  11. Off topic: a few seconds ago ICC changed his forum avatar
  12. I prefer twitter over face book, I don't ever use face book, but, I use twitter all the time.
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  13. I already liked your pages on Facebook/Twitter.
    Everyone should do so, as you always get updates really fast there ;)
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  14. Hmmm... In this case not having either would be a bad thing, but overall, I really don't like having or the thought of having those kinds of social media...
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  15. You could easily make an account just for the purpose of EMC. :)
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  16. Or just bookmark the page and go to it when you need to. Unless it's Private/Tweets protected you should still be able to see the things posted. Though more followers/likes looks good for EMC ;)
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  17. i hope all the auctions running last night got extended by downtime
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  18. Same here, all is see on facebook is boring stuff (occasionally funny memes :p) and people whining, whereas twitter is a completely different story :p Also there isn't as many annoying people on it and you can follow celebrities, it's layout is 100% better as well.
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  19. Who doesn't love free rupees
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  20. Or you could simply not get them because people would freak out and all sorts of floods of people who want to be your "friends" would attack you and scare you when you don't know what to do. Or just be like me and simply not have much interest in them. To you all with it, it is fine that you have it, I just don't like them for my own personal reasons and just simply won't get them.
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