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  1. Hello and welcome to the official JobHub thread! This is a free, nonprofit service dedicated to helping you find employment and employ players to do all kinds of jobs! You can look for work, hire workers, and post a job. Here's how:

    It's pretty simple. There are two sections: Hiring and For Hire. If you want a job, look under the "Hiring" section and, if you like a job listed, PM the player who's hiring to work out the details by clicking on their name. If you want a job done, leave it here to be claimed by messaging me with the format below. Also, feel free to start a PM with any player looking for work to hire them.

    Hiring Look here and PM the employer if you're interested in doing their listed job, or post your own jobs:

    Name: Dj__Krazy
    Job Description : Dig out a residence (Must be trust-able)
    Pay: 15,000r (Most of the res has been dug out)
    Server (& Residence #): SMP 1 Residence 1778

    Name: AmusedStew
    Job Description: Make a stackable automatic pumpkin farm on my utopia res (you supply materials)
    Pay: Pay is negotiable, just PM me your price.
    Server (& Residence #): 5044

    If you want to be listed under "Hiring" fill out this form and message me:
    Job Description (Few sentences MAX):
    Pay (could be negotiable):
    Server (& Residence #):

    For Hire Look here if you need a job done, or want to be employed:

    Name: ChickenDice
    Days on EMC: Around 450
    Permanent/Temporary/No Preference: Temporary
    Special Skills: Netflix and shearing stuff

    Name: f_Builder_s
    Days on EMC: 150
    Permanent/Temporary/No Preference: Permanent
    Special Skills: Building

    Name: Ocelotawesome
    Days on Emc: 296
    P/T/NP: Permanent
    Special Skills: Digging

    If you want to be listed under "For Hire" fill out this form and message me:
    Days on EMC:
    Permanent/Temporary/No Preference:
    Special Skills (Examples optional):


    I have to manually update the thread, so please be patient. Usually I'll have it done within 24 hours of you PMing me. After you get a job or hire somebody, please PM me so I can remove it from the list. I need this PM for the service to work, so you must let me know once the post is outdated.

    If you see anyone looking for work across the Empire, refer them to this thread using the following link: It helps JobHub and players along the way! This'll only succeed with support from the community, so make it happen EMC! Thanks for making JobHub a success. : )
  2. If you see anything that can be worded better, PLEASE post here!
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  3. Reserved
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  4. - Coming Soon!

    Nah, I will keep an eye on this ;)
  5. You're good. :)
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  6. 'For Hire' sounds more eloquent than 'Looking for Work'.
  7. * Buys domain *
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  8. Wow, this should have been a thing long ago ;)

    Don't worry, Ill come back in hope of getting some slaved labor paid labor done.
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  9. After working for PenguinDJ, I am rating his employee-treatment 1/10.
    He kept trying to crush me with anvils on several occasions, he dropped stone bricks and glass on me, and he made more pizza for me to mine.

    Although I did get paid and the materials, it was done with meanness.

    I rate this JobHub service 10/10 though.
  10. Why didn't the EMC gods invent this "jobhub" a long time ago?
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  11. Another suggestion: instead of having a list of people on the OP, make a spreadsheet, with two worksheets; one for those who are hiring, one for those who are for hire. The description, name, pay and location could be columns.

    It would, in my opinion, look cleaner, and as a bonus, if you added a filter, users would be able to sort through it. They'd be able to look at jobs categorised by server, pay, or even alphabetise users so they could find someone.

    You could also create a separate spreadsheet, where every individual who has ever put themselves up for hire would have one worksheet, acting as their 'profile'. In this worksheet, you could see things like positive/negative reviews for the person, ratings out of 5 stars, forum likes, age on EMC in days, and other metrics allowing people to see how trustworthy the worker/employer is. These worksheets could then be compiled into a master worksheet excluding reviews, and the profiles could be linked to on the 'Hiring' and 'For Hire' worksheets.

    This would expand the facility and give it functionality even to those who don't directly use the service, as they could look up how trustworthy someone is.
  12. So, you know of the little "blank" post trick too :)
  13. Ah! This reached the second page!