Jeremy Clarkson HAS been sacked, RIP Top Gear!

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  1. It has been announced that Jeremy Clarkson HAS been sacked after being suspended for punching and verbally abusing a top gear producer.

    Clarkson was suspended on 10 March, following what was called a "fracas" with Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon.

    James May has been in talk with the press and has stated that the trio of presenters are a 'package', meaning it is unlikely that the show will go on without Clarkson but who knows. I watched the short interview and the way he's wording it basically looks like he won't be continuing top gear without clarkson.

    Here is the interview:

  2. Every show has its moment in the sun. The BBC is stupid to not realize that Top Gear is still shining. Some other network might pick up the group, but who knows. It's not Top Gear without Clarkson, Captain Slow, and Hammond. They've tried with the Australian and USA versions and they stink.

    All of their contracts were up next month and Clarkson has been pitching show ideas out the wazoo. Tbh it looks like they were looking for a reason to get rid of him because a small punch shouldn't have gone this far. He'll land on his feet and BBC will be realizing they were wrong...
  3. The only reason I watch BBC's Top Gear for the cars ... >.> yea right. It's a shame that BBC heads are letting him go and Top Gear won't be the same without him or the Trio. Idea: The new host of Top Gear will be the man of myth "The Stig." :p
  4. The most silent car show on television.
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  5. I think that's the general view of a lot of people, that the BBC is stupid to sack him but they were in a lose-lose situation. They keep Clarkson and the show and they would've been heavily criticized for letting him stay after such a shocking incident, they've stated before that he was on his last warning and if anything went wrong again, he was gone. He did step over the line and a lot of people have been saying that if you did that in your workplace, you would probably be sacked too, so why should it be one rule for one and another rule for another.

    They get rid of him, which obviously they have, they put the show in extreme jeopardy. The show wouldn't really work or be the same without clarkson and it was unlikely that hammond and may were going to stay there while another network such as ITV or Sky will be in a bidding war for either top gear's rights or just a new renamed show with the same format.

    However, interestingly, as BBC is publicly funded they don't really lose any money, because top gears budget was so high but that was funded by international broadcast rights mainly.
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  6. "As much as I think he is a knob, I quite like working with Jeremy." BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  7. I think we should be careful with comments as "a small punch" because that's guessing on our part. Even a small punch can have major results / consequences, so with that in mind I think the BBC was right to investigate and suspend him during that period.

    But I do agree its a weird / stupid decision to fire him. Not so much because of the punch, but because the person who was assaulted has said himself that he'd have no problems to working with Clarkson again. That is IMO the only thing which should count here; the opinion of the person who got (allegedly) assaulted.

    If he's ok with it then... yeah.. Seems stupid not to listen to that.
  8. In my opinion he should have gone after Argentina. That was just unacceptable what happened. I mean, really, using a number plate that referenced the Falklands War?
  9. I don't believe that was his fault.
  10. ...But the BBC hate Clarkson for these reasons: he is a middle-aged, right wing man. The BBC is a very left wing company so therefore don't like Clarkson and will exaggerate a lot to make it sound worse. What they hate the most, is that he and Top Gear are the BBC's biggest success stories earning millions a year. Yes, bigger than Dr. Who.
  11. It has been supposedly proved by many people including people both at Top Gear and at the BBC that the number plate was a coincidence. DVLA states the number plate had been on that car for over ten years, and despite the massive coincidence that it is, we cannot hold it against them as there is not all the evidence to prove they did it on purpose. If anything, they have a lot of evidence that it wasn't on purpose. As the human right goes: innocent until proven guilty.

    Anyhow, onto the matter in hand.

    As for this whole Clarkson and Top Gear ordeal, I think letting go of Clarkson was a big mistake. Over 1,000,000 signatures signed to keep him on, he has been with Top gear for a long time, he has made BBC tons of cash don't forget too, so it is surprising that the BBC did this. No doubt, what Clarkson did was wrong, and he has made his fair share of slip ups, but we all have those days where we slip up - some in different ways than others. Clarkson isn't the shiniest quid in the cup but I've loved watching him for many years and so have many others. Top Gear will never be the same, and with May and Hammond also likely thinking of going, I doubt it will ever live up to what it always was.
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  12. Inb4 Channel 5 "borrow" the concept of Top Gear.
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  13. Yeah, that incident has been explained time and time again that it would have been nearly impossible to purposefully do that. The plates were legal. It was all a coincidence. For example: the last 4 digits of my randomly assigned license plate matched my extension number for the necropsy lab when I worked at the Rabies department and first got the plates. I thought it was pretty freaky.

    They didn't even notice until a tweet pointed it out on their 3rd day of the trek. They then took what action they could to prevent issues, but were never given the chance to do what they went there to do.
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  14. Oh, Jackle :rolleyes:

    Also, I hope they manage to release what they have of the last three episodes of the latest series. It would be a shame not to see them, the one that was due next was supposed to have footage from a track about ten minutes drive away from me apparently so I was eagerly awaiting that one. I very much doubt they will be able to make full episodes now that Clarkson is gone though... :(
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  15. That was pure coincidence. The Argentinians massively over reacted to a accidental reference. Besides, it was kost likely the producers who chose it if they did.
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  16. I know you're on about fifth gear, but PLEASE, anyone but channel 5 to buy rights to top gear or start a new show. It's pretty unlikely anyway as channel 5 are less likely to have the money that others will have.
  17. There was more to it than just a 'small punch'. He has made multiple offensive comments, ridiculed the people who keep him doing what he does, and I do believe he has already physically assaulted a producer in the past.

    If a normal person (in the UK, atleast) physically assaulted someone else in the same way Clarkson did do the producer, they would be locked up no matter what the circumstance. He's lucky he only got the sack.
  18. Sky wouldn't surprise me. Hell, Dave only show Top Gear and like 2 other shows, so maybe they should. :p
  19. ^
    Asia anybody if I recall correctly?
    Since I would be forumbanned for saying what he said there, I won't say what he actually said.
  20. I am really hoping that the show goes on. If the two of them do continue the show with BBC, I hope that they can rise from this and continue their great show. If they all leave, I hope they can find someone else to do Top Gear with who will still show in America.