Jelle's Build Guide - It's back :D

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  1. You might want to wait until 1.14 updates since there is going to be a TON of new blocks to build with
  2. I'm sure he has considered this. ;)
  3. Yes, practicality changes with new blocks, but I'm not trying to tell you "5 amazing tricks you can do with the new blocks" or something like that, I lust like rambeling about trechnique.
    Most of the stuff I talk about isn't derectly linked to the blocks you use. It's more about technique than derect practicalities.

    In fact, in the previous guide, there was quite a lot of art theory shing through, I just didn't use the art theory words because I think that sounds boring and pretentious.
    In this guide too, btw: the colour theory is a very basic version of what an art teacher/artist/friend of my mother tought me about colour theory (Because I'm not social enough to have a normal conversation...), which, when I asked my art teacher on school, apeared to be some modern art way of framing colour theory. (I don't think even someone who knows the original will recognise it in this form though...)

    To give a concrete example, concrete didn't change anything technique on how to colour buildings, it just gave more options on how to use those techniques in a building.

    Note that that is talking about the ideal world and how I would like to do stuff, please don't quote half my post to tell my I miserebly fail at it, I know that. :p
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  4. I love your building, it really inspires me, I wish I can build like you!
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