JackBiggin was banned....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. xD he's unbanned now.
  2. He's got enough alts to withstand virtually any ban, why does SYSTEM even try?
  3. The 'SYSTEM' is trolling Jack :p
  4. Lol. Problem solved by margaritte. Jack quit your spamming :p
  5. ...aaannnddd this is why you actually test MacroMod before usage...

    and enable flood protection that I only just found >.>
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  6. LOL... that has happened to me before on a different server..
  7. I've just thought... 7 times in a week... that count as an achievement/record?
  8. hmmm
  9. Go home MarcoMod, your drunk........

    * I give this comment credit to whoever said it in the last thread like this
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  10. And you say I spam :p

    But how does the MacroMod even spam?
  11. I think we should stop blaming MacroMod. 'SYSTEM' is obviously drunk too.
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  12. Stupid Question of the day: What does MacroMod do? :confused:
  13. Forgetting a single $ in a script causes it to print EVERYTHING out to chat instead of to using LOGTO(Client,message); >.<
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  14. It likes to party too much then gets angry and starts banning people

    I guess it's a automated kick/ban system
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