Ive read everything i could possibly read on tokens...what do i do with them...

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  1. Halp meh to much token need more res
  2. nothing. you can't use them (yet)
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  3. yet

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  4. They will be used to (unconfirmed) enter Dragon Tombs and claim land.
  5. At Christmas time you could buy an avalauncher with 20,000 tokens but you can no longer buy it.
  6. *ever
  7. If dragon tombs ever comes around then it may used to go on said "adventures" and land claiming. Also a much more likely option, /tbuy will likely be used again hopefully soon. :}
  8. I thought land claiming was separate from Dragon Tombs now?
    Also: /tbuy? :p
  9. My bad, you're right about Dragon Tombs and land claiming being separate. Anyways avalaunchers were able to be bought using the command /tbuy during the holidays. :p