I've Never Properly Introduced Myself!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by EmoryCrafts, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Hey EMC:

    Today I realized that I've never properly introduced myself.
    So, I would like to do so.

    I'm EmoryCrafts, a player on his friend's account. He decided to give me his account for he wasn't playing much.

    I've built a residence mostly not for me, but for my fellow community and friends. I wish I could turn on Build flag for everyone, but, there are griefers out there. (No names stated.)

    My residence has a mini-mall, a redstone-operating skin comp, a sheep sheering area (still in design), a hotel (also in construction; need suggestions), an APPROVED slots game * ahem ahem * (only available when I'm online), and an In-Construction MODERN HOME.


    Everyone should be welcome to my res.

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  2. Welcome to the Empire and forums EmoryCrafts. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. Welcome to Empire!! Hope you enjoy! :D can't wait to see ya around the servers! ;)
  4. Welcome to the Empire, I suppose. =P I've seen you very actively on the forums, however I haven't had the time to talk to you much in-game. I hope to do so soon! =)
  5. Post-welcome EmoryCrafts!
  6. Welcome! :)
  7. Welcome! If you ever need to know how to get a res then give me a shout :p
  8. Well, I've never properly welcomed you, so... welcome! :)
  9. Thanks guys!