I've had my time, I am leaving EMC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wipple4, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. Yes, today is the day when I'm leaving EMC for this I will be giving away all of my 1,027,032r to one lucky person!

    This will be decided by a small contest! To do all you have to do is pick a number below, the aim is to try and guess how many rupees I had 1 year ago from now...

    (I checked by a screenshot)


    The winner will be a random person that guesses the number correctly.

    I don't want to leave but I am starting my job FULL time from 6:00am-6:00pm and I just will be too tired!
    Goodbye people!
    I have placed my block at aCookieGods Museum and I hope I'm forever remembered

    Bye guys, Thanks staff, I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  2. That's a shame.
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  3. also if anyone wants one of my reses, post here
  4. Sorry you'll be leaving, but real life comes first :(.

    I guess I should make a guess?
  5. Lolololol, April fools ended at 12pm
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  6. Sad to see you go =( 76,345?
  7. thanks, I am a geog teacher and starting proper in 4 weeks, Im really sad to go, and thx for youre guess
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  8. Can I have one (Or two) of your reses please? Also, i think 76,345. Its really sad to see you go. D:
  9. Im not being funny
  10. I am seriosly going, ive placed my special block in aCookiesGod museum and im off! If you dont belive me ask aCookieGod too! I said to aCookieGod about 6 weeks ago! ask for proof!
  11. Wtf... I saw you about 2hrs ago and gave you 6500, why you take my money! I still think your joking, but if your not then, NO YOU WILL NOT LEAVE, NO.
  12. which reses
  13. Gimmeh ur casino! Pwease! I'll keep it running! xD I guess 726.
  14. Are we allowed to guess more than once?
  15. All the best in your new career, sad to see go but understand.

    Also 0
  16. Hmm.. 76,345
  17. Why you have to go, Noooo. I still have that feeling of trolololol though...
  18. ty
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