I've fallen and can't get out! Lava

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  1. I'm in the nether and was knocked off a fortress. I fell in lava and immediately logged out. I didn't see a way out on my way down. I really don't want to loose my enchanted armor and weapons.

    What are my options?
  2. That sucks, not really sure there is a solution that will save you :(
  3. log back in die and cry like a man
  4. Always use a fire resist pot - If all your armour has protection 3+ you should be able to swim without one.
  5. This is the reason I don't go into the nether.
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  6. There is a way to not die . . .

    Tell your coords in the nether and I'll ( or someone on this thread ) will save you :)
  7. Bucket the lava maybe. Or never log back into that server. There really isn't a way. :/
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  8. Send me your coords, and I will come with water
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  9. You mean blocks to cover it up right? WATER DOESNT WORK IN NETHER EVERYONE XD
  10. Water doesnt work in the nether, remember?
  11. Then I will do the ice trick if it is not fixed
  12. Were have you been in the last 4 minecraft versions, Geez.
  13. PM with idea sent your way.
  14. *Cues Mission Impossible Music*
  15. That will be my last resort.
  16. You can log back on and not take fire damage for about 4-8 seconds. So just keep logging on and disconnecting until you have made it out of the lake.
  17. you can use ice... ice melts and turns into water.
  18. Watch the live map if you want to see the rescue
  19. Then the water evaporates