I've been gone for far too long.

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  1. I'm Akam Harcen, I've been a member of EMC for 2-3 years... can't really remember exactly... Just know I'm ancient, I've once played on Smp 2 and then later on Smp 9.. But I've been gone for far too long and when you decide to come back, it just gives you a sense of loneliness when all the friends you knew on your server are gone, and you look at all who is on and you don't recognize a single name.... You look around and all you see is creations from the new generations and you just seem to be in a different place far form the time you were once in.
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  2. Trust me, it's still the same strong community, and yes, a few of us ancient ones are still around. ;)
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  3. Some of us are still on. Ha ha, But the younger generation of EMCers outnumber us.
  4. same thing happened to me when i decided to start playing again. most of the people i used to play with no longer play. i see familiar faces once in a while but its not the same. but i can tell u that there are stil good people out there willing to be friends.
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  5. Yeah, i found that out last time i came back... but its kinda hard knowing you are going have to start over with totally different people.
  6. yup, its tough at first , but u will get used to it , i had to start with a fresh res and no supplies
  7. Yeah... i had to rebuild my Residence 3 times again... twice on Smp2 like 3 years ago... and Smp9 like a year ago.
  8. I've been gone for so long, i even forgot how to teleport to a open residence on a server... i feel like a noob...
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  9. Thank you... and do remind me... how do i teleport to an open residence again? It has slipped my mind and I'm online now trying to pick through /help trying to find out how again... either that or i may have to walk back through the Tutorial...
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  11. Thank you once again. *Bows* Seems like y'all changed the commands on me....
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  12. /v open will take you to a new residence. Also, if you do /promo it will list all the available promos. Claim the one that's a new member book and it will remind you of all the most important commands. Welcome back :)

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  13. welcome back
  14. ;)
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  15. 901 days... I've been a member...
  16. Claimed a res on Smp2, Now.. Time to go do what I've done 3 times already.. Start over.
  17. Welcome back :) Best of luck, I'm on SMP2 too so if you need any help feel free to ask
  18. The tutorial has changed a lot recently :p
  19. Welcome back
    More people from before my time, I'm only about 400 days old haha
    I'd give the staff member list a quick look over, there's a lot of new things....