It's time for a change, EMC.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you something..... and something a little weird. So, I'm going to be changing a little bit. So, you all know about a lot of things that relate to me..... well, some of those things are about to change. Get ready EMC, It's time for a change.

    Grammar Issues:
    These stop now. Right after this sentence. After the word 'word'. Ok, I'm just messing with you :p. I've had lots of grammar issues in the past. But that are about to change. I'm going to have correct/right grammar for now on. You won't even notice I had bad grammar :)

    I post to much things:
    So, due to lack of time, and changing issues, I won't be posting to much anymore. Status updates will be posted every Friday from me starting this week. So, I won't be posting a status update again till Friday. I also won't be posting a lot of threads. I'll be posting very few. The maxim I'll post a month will be five.

    Online Activity:
    I will be online less to do to lack of time. I have a lot of school, and very high grades. So, due to that, I'll be online less. On Sundays through Thursdays, I'll be on forums 2-1 hours a day. On Fridays and Saturdays I'll be on forums 3 to 2 hours a day. On Sundays through Thursdays I'll be in-game 3-2 hours a day, and on Fridays and Saturdays I'll be in-game 5-2 hours a day. Sorry guys, I know you expect me to be in game a lot :p

    My Tittle:
    So, you guys know at the beginning of every thread I say "Hi guys! Today, I decided to..". Well, that's about to change. Every thread I'll do something different. This is the last thread I'm doing that. Some threads, to bring back memoirs, I might say that. But not all the time. So please, don't expect me to. Thanks :)

    Will you be posting anymore threads for this month (October)?:
    Yes. I'll at least be posting 1 more thread this month. Once I've posted that, I'm done till November. I will start posting threads again November 16nth, 2015.

    Thank you all for reading this thread. Yes, there will be changes happening.

  2. Another thread................. about me? No, about you :(
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  3. Limiting yourself is not always helpful, yes school comes first but you can't be doing homework all of the time. Making threads also isn't a bad thing, just do it on worthy topics.
  4. kk
  5. I agree with Keliris. I almost never post new threads because I only want to add one if I think I'm going to contribute something to the forums that will be noteworthy or spark a conversation. That's just my thinking on the matter.
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  6. Also, the grammar issues part is killing me and yes this is a double post, but hey its on a different part xD
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  7. right back at you, Dufne.
  8. But that doesn't make any sense? She was pointing out that you made a grammar issue right after you said you won't .-.
  9. Grammar a pesky thing................
  10. But it's not hard to correct. Not to mention, it's easy to have a sentence contain proper grammar
  11. Okay okay, I'm going to decide to tell you something today too. I promise not to decide to tell you something for at least the next week, unless I change my mind and then I'll do it.
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  12. True....
  13. Maybe instead of trying to apply direct limits on yourself that I think you aren't going to follow, why not just post less? Or you know, only post when it's necessary. I promise the title isn't worth all the hate you get for spamming the forums with useless messages.
  14. Alright, I'll be the first to admit I might miss laughing at the "Today, I decided to" bit every time I click onto one of your threads, it adds a little "HelloKittyRo" feeling to the thread when you first read it.


    Don't limit yourself too much, and don't try to be something you're not. Honestly, we all have flaws.
  15. Well, I think it's safe to say that you're definitely making some progress for the better Kitty. IMO that is. Sure, there are some of your threads which I like and those which I like less (note: that's not the same as dislike mind you) but in the overall.. yeah.

    And I'm glad this thread isn't about what I thought it was.

    Now stop scaring me in game ;)
  16. no i shel i wanna scare u
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  17. Where's Kephras at? We need him here to be hella cynical!