It's THAT Time of the Year Again...

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Zombies or Multiplayer?

Zombies of Course. 7 vote(s) 30.4%
Multiplayer so I can crush Christmas Noobs 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Campaign and Zombies 6 vote(s) 26.1%
  1. CoD zombies?
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  2. im one of them battlefield 3 "fanboys" that trolls COD videos...
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  3. I used to be a CoD fanboy. And then MW3 came out and I hated it. I have BF3, MoH: Frontline (ps2 classic right there) and Medal Of Honor 2010. I am definitely getting MoH: Warfighter when it comes out and you get a Battlefield 4 Beta code with warfighter.

    If I do buy Black Ops 2, it'll be my brother buying it since he has wanted it for a long time. I will just play on it occasionally for zombies and because I play Homefront and own newbies.
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  4. Same, but minus all the other games. I don't like how unrealistic CoD is, despite taking place in "Modern Day". In Halo, it's unrealistic, but explainable.
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  5. I bought an xbox.
    I bought halo.
    The xbox broke.
    I got a ps3 and sold halo and smashed the xbox.

    I hardly ever went on my ps3. Because since 2009 I have been a pc gamer.

  6. Clapping.gif
    How hipster of you.
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  7. Yes. Just yes. Wait, you used that photo after we ponified the other thread...
  8. More like an ex-emo who likes animals and sits on the computer all day waiting for steam to fix itself from being a pain.

    Meh, I don't care. I'm not a hipster. I keep up with the latest fashion yes, but I like retro games. NOBODY who I know (except my dad) even knows about retro games. And i'm sure if they did, people would hate it in my school.
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  10. This thread now feels quite awkward.
  11. Image not loading. The whole clap thing?
  12. A certain platypus with an awkward face from a certain disney channel show.
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  13. Hey, where's Parry?
  14. It's my guilty pleasure. I feel weird watching it......
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  15. That's perfectly allowable. No one should care when you watch that show, I myself can't watch MLP when others are around in fear they'll think I'm gay, or have a weird fetish...
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  16. You just ate your own words there mister..... toaster.
  17. I said that... wait, yeah, derp face describes my confusion. Phineas & Ferb has a target audience that your probably in, because it's Males. MLP is girls 6-12.