Black Ops 2: Collector's Editon/Hardened Editon (For CoD Fans ONLY)

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  1. In case you didn't see it, the guys over at Treyarch released the price details for Black Ops 2: Collector's Edition: Care Package and the Hardened Edition.
    What comes with Care Package (Collector's/Prestige) Edition: (Price: $180 US Dollars)
    Replica Black Ops 2 Care Package
    Steelbook Case (Game Disc inside)
    2 Collector Coins (Have Digital/Downloadble Content Etched on the Back
    Soundtrack for Black Ops 2
    Remote Controlled Quadroter Drone - "Dragonfire"
    • Exclusive Xbox LIVEĀ® CLAW Avatar Props
    • Exclusive Xbox LIVEĀ® Zombies Avatar Props
    • In-Game Content:
    • Nuketown Zombies Map
    • Nuketown 2025 Bonus Multiplayer Map
    • Exclusive Weapon Camo
    • Exclusive Multiplayer Player Card Background
    • Exclusive Zombies Player Card Background
    OMGg.jpg Hardened Edition ($79.99)
    Same thing as Care Package but without the Dragonfire.
    Hope your excited for Black Ops 2!
    - Saj
  2. Bumpity bump

  3. I've got some saving up to do
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  4. Which one are you getting?
  5. Wait it comes out november?
    Im definetly getting it JUST FOR THE ZOMBIES MODE.
    I hate the multiplayer.
    (imma get it for pc)
    You gotta love mods for the pc

    Also don't mean to hate I loved CoD but not anymore but what i was gonna say Is that MW4 or whatever game they make next is probably going to be the last CoD game.
  6. I'm sticking to Halo 4: Limited Edition.
  7. Care package
  8. u mean reach?
  9. No......
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  10. oh yeah i 4got about halo 4
  11. Thanks? What was your favorite...
    (Sarcasm Scanner: ERROR 567-4: Caps lock disabled ability to differentiate between excitement and sarcasm)
  12. This one without a doubt>

  13. Derpy Hooves?
  14. I'm in it for the zombies mode. I hate CoD multiplayer and singleplayer. I just love zombies xD

    They release the same thing every year. MW was good.
    And then Black Ops came out. Meh.
    And then MW3 came out and that crossed the line for me.
  15. Kinda funny how we went from a very violent game to posting pictures of pony's
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  16. Well, um... yeah... This thread suddenly got awkward, and I am unsure if I want to continue..
    This chart is for you (Sort of):
  17. Yeah, let's carry on with our hijack:
  18. Bombs away I guess, you want in IamSaj?
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