It's THAT Time of the Year Again...

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Zombies or Multiplayer?

Zombies of Course. 7 vote(s) 30.4%
Multiplayer so I can crush Christmas Noobs 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Campaign and Zombies 6 vote(s) 26.1%
  1. Black Ops 2.jpg 11/13/12.
    Whether you hate it or not, the hype for this series is climaxing somewhere around this time of year. (Around Mid-September)
    Things that Will Happen that Will Always Happen Every Year there's a CoD Game:
    1. CoD wins Christmas. (Basically all the kids "Christmas Noobs" ask their parents to get it for them)
    2. They break some kind of financial record. (They usually do)
    3. Fabio haircut Battlefield fanboys sit back and troll CoD videos.
    4. They hype it up too much and then it's way too anti-climatic.
    5. There will ALWAYS. And I mean ALWAYS. Something that pisses people off right from the start. Examples: MW2: Noob Tubes, Commando, Nukes, One Man Army, Danger Close Boosters Black Ops: Second Chance, Ghost, Connection MW3: Lag Compensation, Campers, Lag, Recon (In SnD) Sitrep Pro
    6. Pre-orders sell out a month before the game (just a tip).
    7. (Almost everyone) Jumps on Multiplayer and starts camping due to lack of map knowledge
    8. That 5% That play Campaign
    9. That 5% that Plays that other game mode
    10. That 80% that jump on Zombies.
    Leave comments on your opinions about the 10 Point Create-A-Class system and the whole futuristic vibe in general.
  2. Is it confirmed on the Wii U? That is all I want to know LOL... Nintendo dude at heart but loves his COD
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  4. Multiplayer by far, that's what the series wins all it's awards for.
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  5. Anytime there's a Halo game, I decide that I'm not going to be pre-ordering COD. Also, Cod will have to major camping waves, one during release, one during the day after Christmas. Trust me, it's obvious.
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  6. Nuff said.
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  7. I hate Call of Duty's multi-player, but I did find their campaigns to be somewhat interesting. Though it's almost all cinematic, it's still something I don't mind spending time on. Otherwise, I'm more of a Battlefield and Halo player.
    Though I prefer the OLD Battlefield games.. (Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, etc...)

    Besides that point, am I the only one here that is going insane waiting for this lovely piece of amazing? It's weird because I never hyped a Free-To-Play game in my life.

    Edit: You might want to add a stand-alone campaign slot in the voting poll. ;)
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  8. Did you get Blacklight Retrubution on Steam? It's FTP, and it's AMAZING.
    P.S: I don't think you can lol.
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  9. I did try Blacklight: Retribution through steam, and to be honest, it's actually pretty fun. It's not something I play often, but I do like their style. (I bet they added the "Wall-hack" thing just to prevent wall-hackers altogether.) Though the game does tend to get buggy in quite a few areas, it's still fun!
  10. Try TF2.. (probably everyone has though)
  11. Well, I truly am a COD Fanboy...I bought Battlefield 3 and threw c4 on a car and ran into a tank, thats the most fun I got out of Battlefield. Halo, I just like mongoose trolling and energy swords.
    COD is the only thing that I actually try for, it is fun in my opinion. I got BlackOps and played the zombies game ever...but I love the multi-player...especially now when I see the release of a film of the multiplayer when two guys are battling it out with DUAL throwing knives, and then I guy chucks a explosive tomahawk into their fight and kills them both.:D
  12. I try to play it, but it never launches. I'll stick to Portal 2, TF2, Borderlands, EDGE, etc.
  13. I've been playing that game for a good year before it went F2P. :D
    (Perhaps longer)
  14. Xbox?
  15. Xbox:D
    Name: Hashman98
  16. I'm sorry I really am but I'm going to be the one to say it... COD is not good anymore. The last COD game I got REAL enjoyment from is WAW. I will not be preordering or buying this one. I will be getting Assassin's Creed 3, The Last of Us (next year), and Majora's Mask (if I can find a freaking expansion pack for my N64). The only multiplayer games I still own are Battlefield 3, BFBC, and LittleBigPlanet (if that counts). Oh nm I also own Uncharted 2, and 3.
  17. I think they need to come out with a new COD type next year(s).
  18. Yeah, I pre-ordered Halo 4, but why are you guys going on about christmas, both games will be out in November. (My BD month :D) Too be honest, the only potentially good thing in Black Ops2 will be Zombies, if the maps are going to be as huge as the develpers state they are.
  19. I used to be a COD fangirl. Played and owned every COD game, including PSP. That is until MW3 came out. Completely killed the entire franchise for me and Blops2 has just reiterated that. I will most definitely not be dropping the $100 to buy this as it is most definitely not worth that amount of money. The only reason I would play it is if I somehow got the game for free and friends begged me to.
  20. I actually just used that pic because it was a .png file...