It's Ritzy

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  1. This subforum pretty much says it. I'm new to the server and here and looking to expand my interaction with the community! I've already met a Few of you In-Game

    P.S The Forum maps are really helpful ;D
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  2. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! Be sure to become familiar with the Wiki on the site if you have any concerns with questions/allowed actions/modifications :) There is a long exciting journey ahead of you here!
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  3. Welcome to the empire RitzyBitzy and I hope you have a skele-ton of fun ;)
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  4. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  5. Welcome to the Empire!
    A word of warning though, don't venture to smp8 until you've emotionally prepared yourself.
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  6. Heyyy! Welcome to emc! If you need anything please ask :) See you in game
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  7. Welcome to the Empire Ritzy :D We are all glad that you have joined this server :) When I see you in game Ill say hello :)
  8. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you're going to enjoy it here, but something tells me that could just happen :)

    I know you landed on SMP2 (gee, I wonder how) and yeah :) Hope to see you in-game soonish :)
  9. Hi RitzyBitsy. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  10. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions just ask :)
  11. Welcome to the Empire minecraft :)