It's Over 1,000!!!!!

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    It's only been a few short months since we launched Empire Minecraft back in July. In that time, thanks to every one of you and your awesomeness, we've grown to over 1,000 members today on the website, and close to that many (possibly more) residences claimed in Town.

    From myself, Justin & the rest of the staff we THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

  2. O_O woah when i joined we were at less than 100 and that was a little under 2months ago O_O

    good job though guys :D
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  3. I'm still number 3 on the website, I am just that cool.
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  4. Woot!
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  5. Empire Minecraft = Pure Awesomeness
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  6. Thats cause i joined 8)
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  7. ^this....but i think it is this awesome cuz we are all here in one giant empire style family! :D
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  8. Well Interestingly enough when I join there was 1000 of us now:)

    Next goal
    Let's make it to 30,000
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  9. My favorite server! lol good job guys.
  10. All Hail The Empire, and the Emperor + His Servants and our great friends, who make this into a perfect combined server!
  11. There is no emperor or servants we are 1 simple community that just enjoys itself and has fun dont be a douche canoe !
  12. LOL, ur actually taking that seriously xD? Everyone has called justin Emperor for fun once, come on xD
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  13. I thank you for making such awesome server! ;)
  14. you guys should make so that more people can go on at one time
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  15. Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters, we are working on a solution to this already. :)
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  16. It's been always SO fun!
  17. There's no time soon enough.

  18. jeremy, i love the pyro from team fortress 2 :p
    1000, its like 6000 by now