It's Coming Home - The World Cup If SoulPunisher was in charge

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  1. I'm going to do what Gareth Southgate couldn't and lead England to victory in the 2018 World Cup.
  2. England V. Tunisia - 19th June

    The first set of results went like this. The year's already going in our favour, with the favourites to win these matches being beaten comfortably by their opponents.

    I'm using a 4-2-3-1 Wide against Tunisia.

    Raheem Sterling scored in the first ten minutes with an assist from Harry Kane, and Lingard went on to score a second one about ten minutes later. Sterling was soon injured (he'll be out for nine days), and I substituted him with Marcus Rashford. Rashford gave Lingard an assist, bringing the scoreline up to 3. Lingard was injured (he'll be out for three weeks), so I switched some places around and substituted him with Dele Alli as a shadow striker. The great thing about England is the flexibility provided by its lineup.

    At some point in the late game, Tunisia scored. No matter, though - we won with 3-1.

    I've had to make the match's final team sheet the permanent one.

    Here's how the day went.

  3. oh dear god if soulpunisher was in charge the world would be in flames(no offense)
  4. England V. Belgium - 25th June

    The first half had some chances made by both sides, but no goals. During half-time, I switched England into a 4-2-3-1 DM wide, which my scouting report said Belgium were vulnerable to. Belgium scored in the sixtieth minute - England quickly followed up with a goal by Harry Kane, with an assist from Dele Alli, in the sixty-eighth minute. I switched them into an attacking mentality, hoping to secure a second one; indeed, Dele Alli scored sometime later in the eighty-third minute. We emerged victorious, albeit only just, and qualified for the second round.

    Oh, that would also mean I've just broken Belgium's two year streak of not losing a single match (which France did the other day IRL). I'm already better than Southgate.
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  5. dear god if this was me i would just say go score some goals and be done
  6. England V. Panama - 29th June

    Soooo.... Panama qualified for the World Cup through a ghost goal in a 2-1 match with Costa Rica back in 2017. In real life, they scored 0 goals in a goal against England, while England scored 6 just for fun. This is an easy as all Hell match.

    Panama scored at twenty-five minutes. I was flabbergasted. It was disallowed. Marcus Rashford scored England one two minutes later. Harry Kane scored us a second in the forty-fifth minute. Didn't get another one in. Not sure why - I don't think the AI fancied their chances against Colombia. I've now got an injured Lallana to deal with. Anyway, we're off to face some more South Americans.

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  7. England V. Colombia - 3rd July

    We go into this game as slight favourites to win. I've switched out my injured Lallana with Sterling, who has now recovered from his injury from the Tunisia match at a standard I deem suitable enough to get him back out there. Even with him back, this is going to be a very difficult match, and after the Panama game I'm not all too confident in my team. Losing this one will send us out of the World Cup.

    I'm glad to have my Sterling back - he scored in the first twenty seconds. Harry Kane scored another for us two minutes in. Colombia's Cuadrado and Arias were sent off with red cards, a clear sign that Colombia were scared - and rightly so; Harry Kane scored England a third goal in the eighty-first minute. We won. England are through to the quarter final... against Brazil. Oh no.

  8. England V. Brazil - 7th July

    Brazil are the favourites to win this match, and hold the #1 world ranking, whereas England are way down the list at #17. We have to play this one smart and beat some gigantic odds, or else the World Cup dream is over.

    The first half was uneventful. Harry Kane scored for England in the second half at the sixty-seventh minute - now they just had to keep that scoreline, and possibly bump it by one to give breathing room. They didn't - Soares scored for Brazil at the seventy-fourth minute. Jordan Henderson scored for England at minute eighty-one. Brazil didn't get another chance.

    England are through to the semi-final, in an incredible stroke of luck, and will now face Portugal.

  9. England v. Portugal - 10th July

    Going into this match, England are the slight favourites to lose, but 'have every chance of walking away with something'. We'll see.

    We had a tight first half, with neither team scoring anything. The second half was tight too, but again, neither team scored anything. The game went to extra time. The first half proved fruitless. As did the second half. The game went to penalties.

    Now, England has a curse with penalties. They never make it past them. They only did so this year - I have not broken that curse yet. Can I do it?

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first for Portugal. Harry Kane scored the first for England. Silva scored the second for Portugal. Rashford had a shot for England, but it was saved. Pizzi scored Portugal's third. Stones shot for England but it was also saved. Moutinho shot for Portugal but it was saved. Alli scored England's second. Carrico shot for Portugal, but it was saved. Henderson scored England's third. Danilo shot for Portugal but hit the post. Bertrand scored England's fourth penalty.

    We're through to the final.

    We shall be playing against Croatia. How ironic.
  10. England v. Croatia - 14th July

    Belgium walk away with third place, narrowly beating Portugal in extra time. Now we have to see who wins first place.

    England go into the match as the favourites to win. I'm committed to that.

    Dele Alli scored for us in the fifth minute, with an assist from Harry Kane. He scored again with an assist from Rashford in the seventeenth minute. He tore a ligament while attempting to score a third goal, forcing me to sub him off with Danny Welbeck - now I regret not putting Lallana on my sub bench after he recovered from his injury from the Tunisia match yesterday. Not to worry - we've still got this.

    I tried to get a third goal in the second half. I really did. It just didn't happen though. The frustrated Croatians made up in defence what they lacked in attack in the second half.

    Buuuuut.... guess who just won the World Cup?

    Aaaand we jumped waaaaay up in the world rankings!